Time Lapse Videos: Demolition On Front Street

September 5, 2016

Demolition work continues on Front Street following the fire that caused severe damage to a number of buildings in July.

At approximately 4.30am that morning, the fire broke out on Front Street, with Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service deploying 16 vehicles and over 30 members to battle the blaze. The blaze took hours to get under control, and caused major damage to the buildings and resulted in office closures and traffic disruptions.

Businesses affected included Onion Jack’s, the Chewstick Foundation, and the Queen Management Companies [Bermuda Executive Services, Atlantic Caregiving and Island Bargains], with all sustaining extensive damage to their premises.

Time lapse video of demolition on Front Street on Sept 2 by Karl Outerbridge

Time lapse video of demolition on Front Street from Aug 17 – Sept 3 by Karl Outerbridge

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  1. Reality Check says:

    That time lapse video is so cool.. Fun to watch.

  2. Golden child says:

    Yes they are !!
    One of the greatest machine ever to be created was the excavator I remember the days of the backhoe with the bucket in front lol and the crane with the headache ball
    It’s amazing to see and pretty to watch a good operator in a excavator
    Nah watch de tool !!
    Watch de man behind it !!
    Good job ICS