Turtle Tracked Traveling: Bermuda To Bahamas

September 27, 2016

A juvenile green sea turtle caught in Somerset Long Bay has made a successful trip to the Bahamas, with the Bermuda Turtle Project tracking the turtle over the course of its month-long journey spanning nearly 1,000 miles.

Hardy was caught in Somerset Long Bay by the Bermuda Turtle Project. He measured 67.1 cm straight carapace [shell] length and was released with a satellite transmitter on August 10, 2016.

“Hardy made it to the Bahamas! On August 30th we posted that Hardy departed from Bermuda on a long distance migration,” the Bermuda Turtle Project posted on social media.

“In just over a month and almost 1,000 miles Hardy made landfall on September 23rd at Cat Island in the Bahamas. Hardy is still on the move having gone south past Little San Salvador and is now picking up speed and made a turn to the west.”

According to the Bermuda Turtle Project, the cumulative distance traveled was 1,563 km [971 miles], the average speed since release was 1.44 kph [0.89 mph] and the time tracked was 45 days.

Screenshot of the tracking map which you can follow here on the Sea Turtle Conservation site:

Hardy made it to the Bahamas Bermuda September 26 2016

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  1. Vopa says:

    Another bermudian having to look overseas for work….thank you for sheding light onnit ber baby!

  2. Suffrin likah boa constrictah. says:

    Poor little b@st@rd .

  3. codfish says:

    Fack sight easier than using Bahamas Air

  4. Nanny Pat says:

    Great story. Animals are amazing! Congrats to all involved in our Turtle Project – this is a success story.

  5. Family Man says:

    Looks like little Squirt made a beeline for the Bahamas. Go dude.

  6. Real Deal says:

    Wow surprised it was not picked up by any hammerheads.

  7. ITS ME AGAIN says:

    Could probably have made it in half of that time if it didn’t have to carry the darn tag as extra luggage.

    • Real Deal says:

      If bubble man gets his bubble fixed in time he could send it to Bahamas and follow the turtle back to Bermuda when its nesting season again. coast guard cant stop him then