Causeway: East Bound Traffic Lane Closure

October 1, 2016

On Sunday [Oct 2] the Ministry of Public Works plans to close the east bound Bridge traffic lane on The Causeway starting at 7.30am.

“This Lane closure will continue until 2pm and afterwards the Bridge will be open to traffic,” the Ministry said.

Causeway Longbird Bridge Bermuda, September 14 2016-6

“The bridge lane that is open to traffic will be under traffic management control devices. Motorists will be directed when to use the open lane on the bridge.

“The lane closure is required so maintenance work can be carried out safely. We also aim to carry out this work as quickly as possible to return the bridge lane to normal traffic use.

Causeway Longbird Bridge Bermuda, September 14 2016-2

“This Ministry would like to encourage the full cooperation of the motoring public and apologize for any inconvenience that may result.”

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  1. Terry says:

    All that money on Port Royal and Beeyonce.

    Enjoy Americas Cup.

    The hole will re-appear.

    • Terry says:

      Come on guys.
      All these years the bridge and causeway have need repairs and you type s*** here.

      It’a all about money.

      Millions + for a new Airport

      How the hell you gonna get there from Blue Hole to stone crusher.

      Shalom fools.

  2. Nigel Spider says:

    The government need to get this bridge fixed properly once and for all. Stop using band aids. How long has it been now that this bridge has been closed to traffic. Still no work has been done. Bermuda your lame!!!! OBA you too!!!!

    • MORRIS says:

      Needed a new bridge 30 years ago.

      • Micro says:

        Where did the $11 million go?
        We were given money many years ago that should’ve been used to replace the Causeway.

    • Yahoo says:

      * you’re

    • Garry M says:

      Could do a real lot IF we can ever get some of our $800 million back

  3. Bermudian and confused says:

    This is half the bermy problem, both sides need to stop day dreaming about the past and look forward

  4. somuchless says:

    W&E working on a Sunday? Jesus take the wheel. Bridge will reopen May 2017.

    • Micro says:

      The idea that doing it on a Sunday would create the least inconvenience is a bit short sighted. Sunday is one of the days the airport is busiest with the most and heaviest flights of the week. A day when many will be headed to family gatherings or events.

      And then they give notice that’s I’ve only seen late Saturday in online media.

      What study was done to find that a Tuesday or Wednesday between 10am and 4pm wasn’t the best time?

    • Enforcer says:

      BTW 7.30am there were no W and E employees or traffic management systems in place.Go figure.

  5. Cynical says:

    Surprised Transport & Tourism didn’t replace Longbird when they had the chance. Perhaps there wasn’t enough friends and family money to be made from it like there was at Heritage Wharf.

  6. Terry says:

    Triminghams, Smiths, Irish Linen, 40 Thieves, Black Horse……………….

    Go figure.
    The Greens can renovate all they want.
    If you build it they will come the old adage goes……………………..

    Build a bridge or a new ferry terminal at Grotto Bay and the Airport but then a gain on windy days………………….I give up.

  7. Both parties are dreamers. PLP especially!

  8. Edith R says:

    I moved to st George ten years ago and these bridges had just been built. They were ‘temporary’ and had a life of five years. I hate going over them every day because one will collapse sometime and it will be big news. I hope it is not me in the water or dead. Just sayin.