Fourteen Pound Lobster Caught And Released

October 17, 2016

A massive 14 pound lobster was recently caught in Bermuda’s waters by Sanctuary Marine, with the super sized lobster released after being caught accidentally.

In explaining how the lobster was caught, Sanctuary Marine’s Captain Matthew Jones told Bernews, “The lobster was caught accidentally on a live white grunt while hand-line fishing off the rocks at night for Grey Snapper. We got incredibly lucky and hooked it in the toe.

“We have video proof of how it was caught and released; we only pulled it carefully up on land to get the hook out. It was caught in a location that I am unwilling to disclose for the beautiful creature’s safety, which is why it was released.”

For more information about Sanctuary Marine, please visit their Facebook page or website.

Photos courtesy of Tristan Loescher:

giant lobster caught after nicole photo by Tristan Loescher  (1)

giant lobster caught after nicole photo by Tristan Loescher  (2)

giant lobster caught after nicole photo by Tristan Loescher  (3)

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  1. Thinker says:


  2. aceboy says:

    Really glad he was released.

  3. stunned... says:

    thank you for not disclosing location.

  4. Swing Voter says:

    you bies are alright… many shady guys I know wud have sold that under the table to a restaurant or hotel…..

    • Vegan hunter says:

      The bigger they are the worse they taste according to top chefs. But I ain’t no chef, I just think vegans are annoying.

      • Wally Sittur says:

        You are absolutely right, Vegans are sooooo annoying. Is it even possible for someone to be a vegan without feeling the need to tell everyone constantly how vegan they are? Every time I see things like #Vegan #govegan #vegetarian #veganfun it makes me want to order a rare steak and instagram it with the hashtag #topofthefoodchain. The best is when vegans try to out vegan each other. For example = I only eat carrots that have had someone read poetry to them since they were seeds or I only eat cage free grass that hasn’t been walked on.

  5. Factual says:

    What a beautiful creature. He is obviously living a long, healthy life somewhere. Thank you for being kind to him and releasing him quietly. He deserves to keep on keeping on.

  6. sage says:

    End crustacean exploitation.

    • aceboy says:

      lol. That is a big old granddaddy. Need his genes in the genepool. He’d be tough and chewy anyway. :)

      • Pequat1609 says:

        You don’t know what your talking about most people suggest the meat of a lobster this big will be tough or have no flavor yada yada yada but have likely never seen or cooked a lobster this size I however have and the meat was as tender and juicy as any I have cooked.
        I am glad those guys released this beautiful creature it is rare to see lobsters this size and what a magnificent creature they are we should all look to protect the marine environment which is being destroyed by over fishing pollution and mans general indifference to the environment on a whole

  7. Lars Funbags says:

    Would have been tough meat anyway. Glad the old geezer is back in the water

  8. reddamtibi says:

    Might have been a different story if the camera was not there…

  9. WOW says:

    It was just shown on Fox News

  10. Weather says:

    Just saw this on Huffington Posts front page.

  11. Sherildeen says:

    Why not take it to the aquarium where it would be safe. This guys got mates he’s probletly told where he caught it they will probley going looking for it and catch it.

  12. Common Sense says:

    Hmmmm, released? Looks to be standing on a dock, with shoes on to me. Doesn’t add up with it being released……

  13. Kathy says:

    Nice to see he was recognised as a “beautiful creature”. This makes the man who caught him a beautiful person! Made my day, this story!

  14. Bermygirl says:

    And just sawi it on HLN news this morning! Thanks for releasing this magnificent creature

  15. Serious Though says:

    Today in Miami NBC 6 news !!! Kudus guys

  16. Forethebest says:

    The first person to eat a lobster must have been really hungry!

  17. Lobsta Tales says:

    meh. seen bigger….