BELCO Update: 44 Remain Without Power

October 17, 2016

[Updated] As of 4:45pm today, 140 customers remain without power, down from 294 this morning, and BELCO said that crews will work late tonight to continue restoration efforts and they “anticipate having full restoration complete tomorrow.”

“Six larger outage pockets remain and in some cases extensive work is being undertaken to effect repair. There are also a high number of single digit and low number pockets remaining,” the company said.

“Crews are currently working in Jennings Land, on South Shore in Devonshire and Burnt House Hill. Other crews have been moving throughout the Island today working on a number of individual outages.

“It is during this phase of restoration that customers who remain out become increasingly and understandably more frustrated. Individual outages are often for a small number or in many cases a single property. So while the work takes just as long, the outcome is only one to a handful of customers coming back online.

“Now that we are down to the smaller, isolated outages, we ask the public to please check on elderly or ailing neighbors, family and friends to ensure their power has been restored, even if the rest of the neighborhood is still on. Anyone still without power who has not yet done so is asked to report their outage to 955 or via email to

“As power is being restored throughout the Island, please take precautions when bringing your appliances and sensitive equipment back on-line. BELCO strongly recommends using surge protection equipment, particularly following a storm such as a hurricane that has weakened the stability of the system.

“Be aware that the system has been stressed and as a result abnormalities such as surges are more likely to occur than normal, so we advise using surge protection and/or unplugging sensitive equipment when not in use.

“We would like to thank our customers for their ongoing patience and remain committed to getting everyone on as quickly as possible.”

Update 8.58am: BELCO said they are “starting the day with 44 customers without power and expect to complete full restoration today.”

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  1. sick and tired says:

    Thank You BELCO. As usual you have done an awesome jog.