PAC To Hold Hearing On Airport Development

October 5, 2016

[Updated] The Parliamentary Standing Committee on the Public Accounts will conduct a public hearing on Thursday, October 6 at 2.30pm at Sweeting-Ball Memorial Hall in the Bermuda Industrial Building on Union Street in Hamilton.

A spokesperson said, “The Standing Committee has invited the Financial Secretary [or his designate from the Ministry of Finance] to appear for comment on the recent “Airport Redevelopment Options – Financial Comparison” analyses and report prepared by the Ministry.

“In addition, the Committee has invited Craig Mayor to meet with Members for discussion on a report entitled “Bermuda Airport Development – Exigent Economic Risks and Inadequate Due Diligence”, which he has produced and recently submitted to Members of the Legislature for their information.

“The Public Accounts Committee is comprised of Members of Parliament and is authorized by the House of Assembly to closely examine and report on matters relating to the accounts of the Government of Bermuda and, in particular, to investigate findings reported by the Auditor General in the Auditor’s Annual and other Special Reports.

“The current Chairman of the Committee is Mr. E. David Burt.”

Update Oct 6, 10.14am: Following a request from the Ministry of Finance to defer an appearance before the Public Accounts Committee, the Public Hearing that had been scheduled for today [Oct 6] has now rescheduled the Public Hearing to Thursday, 13th October.

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  1. San George says:

    While the cost of the Commission of Inquiry more than doubles to $1.1 million from $450,000. We are going to need a CoI into the CoI. MP’s are out of control and the electorate is at fault. Civil servants advise and MP’s/Ministers decide while the taxpayer gets fleeced. Parties are not the problem, the “System” is the problem, that allows MP’s to behave as tyrants.

    • Jeremy Deacon says:

      Reading the CoI reports so far, it does seem like the system was completely broken. Has it been fixed tho? That is why the CoI should be able to examine the airport deal to ensure that civil servants and politicians are operating in a 21st century system, or not.
      If they are, then a new benchmark will have been set, if they are not then we, the public, know we have to put the utmost pressure on those who call the shots to fix a system that appears to have haemorrhaged money

  2. hmmm says:

    Will this be Burt’s next attempt to distract from the commission findings to date.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Instead of forming a witch hunt for de Dr. (after F.B.I, C.I.A and Scotland Yard saw no wrong) this project should be an open and close case.

      • wahoo says:

        Bring me up to speed were any of those groups here? When? Was that after we got some Uighurs? And I am sure that Dr. Brown would appreciate you referencing him as the Dr. but you ask him next time you see him.

  3. scoob says:

    nice neutral venue…

  4. wahoo says:

    No offense but who is Craig Mayor?

  5. jt says:

    Who’s numbers will they discuss? Burt’s I guess. His show.

  6. Boogah man says:

    Their doin a pack…

  7. Truthhertz says:

    I advise everyone listen to Burt’s commentary during the PAC meeting over Port Royal.

    It will highlight that he is not genuine when he voices his concerns over the airport project. He and his PLP colleagues vehemently defended the non-tendered contract that just happened to be given to his fellow PLP MP and who just by coincidence also happened to be a board member of the golf course at the same time.

    Burt is an absolute issue when it comes to his ‘concerns.’ He is using the PAC chairmanship for political gamesmanship.

    The PAC should be staffed by non-political individuals who retain a finance and accoutring background.

    Having said that I too would like further clarity around this airport project. While there is some confidence in the multiple layers of independent oversight provided from Deloitte and the U.K., I would like to better understand the deal structure.

  8. stunned... says:

    one commission at a time please…