Sandys Secondary Celebrates 89th Anniversary

October 28, 2016

This week marks 89 years of Sandys Secondary School’s existence in the community, with the west end school having grown over the years from its humble beginnings in a couple’s living room.

“Now presently known as Sandys Secondary Middle School, the school had its humble beginnings in 1927 in the living room of Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Foley, with an enrollment of 17 girls and one boy. The Foley’s opened the doors of their Bob’s Valley home to foster the dream of having a secondary school in Sandys,” a spokesperson said.

“Over the next 20 years, the school struggled to remain open, due to challenges with location and finances; however determination of its founders prevailed and it was relocated to a permanent home at its current location on Scott’s Hill Road, Sandys.

“The school was adopted by the Government in 1963 and became a fully funded public school and later, in 1997, became one of Island’s five middle schools.

“Throughout the years, Sandys has seen many changes, but amidst all of these changes, the founders of the school kept their vision in view which is the reason why the school continues to thrive and educators and administrators continue to provide quality education to over 100 students each year.

The founders of Sandys Secondary School are:

  • Mr. Richmond Simmons
  • Mrs. Frances Simmons
  • Mrs. Florence Smith
  • Mr. Leonard Simmons
  • Mrs. Fanny Ratteray
  • Mr. William Robinson
  • Mr. Harry Smith
  • Nurse Alice Scott
  • Mrs. John Scott
  • Mr. Samuel Swan
  • Mrs. Susan Philpott
  • Mr. Thomas Durrant

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  1. Second says:

    Congrats to Sandy’s Secondary on its 89the Birthday. Thanks to the founders, the Foley’s for providing the first structure for the school and to all those Heads, teachers, students and others who worked hard over the years to make Sandy’s a success.