‘Be Bright Be Seen’ Urge Safety Campaigners

November 22, 2016

Road safety campaigners are urging runners, cyclists and walkers to ensure they wear high visibility clothing when exercising on the roads.

Bermuda Road Safety Council chairwoman, Erica Rance Mill, said: “Now that the weather is cooler more people seem to be taking to the roads to exercise. While this is a positive thing to do and very healthy we urge all road users to put safety first at all times.

“Recently I have been contacted by a number of riders and drivers that are concerned about the low visibility of some of the runners and walker.

“The last thing I want to do is to discourage people from getting out and exercising, but nor do I want to hear of an injury that could possibly have been avoided.”

She added: “Please wear reflective jackets or runner’s bibs, ensure you are wearing light coloured clothing. Small flashing lights are also effective but please do not use anything that would become a hazard.

“People need to think about their own safety, but they also need to think about the effects of their actions, or in-actions, on others.

“Road safety is everyone’s responsibility so please ensure to do your part in making our roads safe for everyone.”

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  1. wassup says:

    Yup, totally agree. I’ve (barely) seen people because they wear dark clothes with no reflectors, lights anything.

  2. Um Um says:

    It’s great to see commitment to keeping fit now the nights have drawn in.

    Common sense…. so why have we had to swerve many times to avoid unexpected pedestrians invisible until the last minute, often facing away from the traffic?

    Wear light clothing in the dark.
    Please check that safety vests are still reflective –
    Cyclists – many use forward lights, but rear lights are equally important. and you too should wear light colours and reflective vests.

    Please remember that the car lights today are bright, and this makes it harder to spot pedestrians in their glare.

    BE SAFE -

  3. Yup yup says:

    Couldn’t agree more!! I regularly drive along South Shore around 6am and seeing all the people out exercising is great but some people are seriously putting their lives in jeopardy. Wearing dark coloured clothing, no lights, no reflective gear and especially walking/running out on the road in the same direction as the traffic so you can’t see what’s coming towards you!! Madness!! Especially when you let one vehicle by and then step back out in front of the next one….

  4. YADON says:

    How about use the sidewalk when available. Too many inconsiderate people running in middle of the road expecting you to move for them when they should be as far over as possible. Remember people, the car wins that fight every time.

  5. JohnBoy says:

    And walk single file. Get out of the road!!!

  6. Trombone says:

    All valid points. On the flip side, how about drivers slow down to the speed limit to avoid me, as a runner, soiling my latex as I wait to be clipped by the wing mirror. How about, when driving around a left hand bend, not staying as close to the wall as you can possibly get, thus completely cutting off any chance of escape for that runner or parent pushing a stroller?

    How about when you see a stretch of straight road, looking to make sure there are no runners/walkers up ahead which will cause the vehicle you are overtaking to move towards the centre of the road, and you into the wall on the other side.

    How about not standing on your car horns when you see someone you haven’t seen for a whole day, just as you pass a runner or walker, and scaring the living daylights out of them?

    How about not parking on sidewalks and forcing runners/walkers/strollers out into the traffic (yes, you, you ignorant sods next to Blue Water Anglers).

    How about when you are approaching a junction that you look both ways before pulling out, instead of just the one way and risk driving into someone?

    How about not tailgating the vehicle in front. When he leaves it to the last second to avoid a runner/walker/stroller who is following all the rules, you, because you can’t see far enough ahead, are forced into a last second swerve to avoid us. Basic driving skills which are sadly, and dangerously, lacking on this island.

    We all have to share the roads, so let’s all do our little bit, eh?

  7. Cahow says:

    Also, how about vehicles using their lights so you can see those wearing reflective vests, etc.. Your lights need to be on for 1/2 hour after sunrise and switched on 1/2 hour before sunset..
    I would like to suggest that cyclists have a light at both front and back of your bikes … It is all very well having a red light at the rear but you also need a white one at the front so we know that we are past you and can pull back in after overtaking. Without that front light you completely disappear once we get past you