Former Foster Child Donates To Foster Children

November 10, 2016

[Written by Don Burgess]

A former foster child has donated $1,000 to help foster children have a better Christmas.

Ray Brangman was dining on Rosa’s on Sunday and saw a Christmas tree was up. He enquired why it was out in early November and was told the angels on the tree represented children that are in Foster Care and children that are apart of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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Mr. Brangman added when he found out “that the gifts go to Foster Children it touched my heart. I was a foster child along with my brother some 40 years ago. It was one of the hardest experiences of my life as being away from your family is so hard.

“The people that care for you, do their best but it never feels like home. For me, I went to Sunshine League at the age of eight and had already had a strong connection with my mom. Getting removed from the only place that I knew was home, was life changing.

He added: “Going to school and only getting the necessities while all your friends had toys and books” is memories that he won’t forget.

“I did have a roof over my head, food and clothing and for that I was grateful.”

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Mr. Brangman sadly recalled, “When Christmas came and Santa didn’t visit was when I learnt the truth about Christmas. I nor any of the children that have been through or are in the Foster Care system asked to be there. It was the card we were dealt. Through these experiences I decided I did not want to have any children of my own.

“So, this year I have decided that I would like to bring joy to about 20 Foster Children in the system now. I have donated $1,000 to help make Christmas a little bit special.

“I hope that the public can also donate to this cause. Foster Children in Bermuda to me are the most unique children. Children in the system are away from their families. I hope that Bermuda can stand by the children of our future. It takes all of us to make our children in the community special. Let’s not leave a child behind.”

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Lindsay Durham, director of operations and human resource manager for the Bermuda Restaurants Group, said it was a pleasant “surprise” to have Mr. Brangman donate an amount that would help 20 children.

She added people are making donations to help children have a better Christmas. On Monday, Premier Michael Dunkley came in with some of his OBA colleagues.

“Michael Dunkley is sponsoring 10 children and some of the rest of his colleagues are doing a child each. We have about 150 more children who need help so if people can come in and help get a gift for children or they can donate money and we can send our elves out to gifts for the children.”

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  1. James says:

    My hat goes off to Mr. Brangman and Rosa’s for this… I think most people don’t realize the effort that goes into fostering a child especially on an island as small as Bermuda. The selflessness of the adults who take the children is amazing to me, I don’t think I could take on such a task… I know of a young lady who is fostering a child I thought the child was her biological child because of the way she treats this child and by the way she is raising her. It wasn’t until I inquired about the young lady did I find out about her fostering. I was blown away by the maturity of this young lady (she has to be no older than 29/30 going off of looks), to put a child in need in her life as she and the other adults fostering do. They deserve medals for volunteering their time and energy to make sure our future/their (children’s) futures look bright/have hope.
    I think Roas’s has rolled out a good idea… we all should try to make sure every child on this island has a happy Christmas. Children do ask to be born or put in certain situations, so we shouldn’t hold them accountable for the situation they find themselves in no matter what.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Very touching, with de amount of money those politrictions make, they can be taken care off all year round not just for one day.

  2. Widget says:

    Very nice and thoughtful, I think I will make a donation myself.

    Merry Christmas and good sishes to all.

  3. Bermudian Blood says:

    Wow, as I read this story it makes me tear up. We take ot for granted that people take care of our children in the foster care system. These special children should be able to have a wonderful Christmas. I could not imagine being away from my parents but to be safe is important to these children.

    I will come to Rosas Cantina with my three children so they can pick two Angels each. This will teach them that it is better to give than to recieve. I will also explain to them about foster care. Thank you Mr. Brangman I hope the community follows in your foot steps!

  4. Hannah says:

    It brightens my day to read about positive happenings in our community. Good job Lindsay and team. I will be supporting.

  5. Karen says:

    Hats off to Mr.Brangman and Rosa’s. Not to take away from Rosa’s kindness, but just to note that St.Patrick’s Church and also St. Theresa’s have been taking part in a similar Christmas Tree Angel program for many many
    years now. It is always heartwarming to see the angel gift suggestion tags quickly snapped up by kind donors.

  6. mmm says:

    Its really very, very meaningful to a child to know they are thought of in a special way, so touching. May they grow with the grace of God and the precious love of their foster parents, from day to day ..and maybe there is a charity to donate to during the year.

  7. Watching says:

    I would like to thank the Rosa’s for doing something for Foster Child. I too was a foster child like Mr. Brangman. In my foster home I was give a lot of love but money was tight and I had 2 other foster siblings and my foster parents had a child of their own. They brought us clothes but things were tight. I never got any toys as they tried to keep it all together and for that I am blessed. We used to play with pots and pans. I believe that this is an amazing gift to give children who are like Mr. Brangman and myself didn’t asked to be separated from our families.

    I will donate any hope other will as well!