Local Entrepreneurs Wanted In Beach Economy

November 4, 2016

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] is calling on entrepreneurs to brainstorm ideas to bring new amenities and experiences to five of the Island’s public beaches.

Five beaches are the target of the BTA’s Beach Economy Vision, chosen because they have Government approval for economic activity: Horseshoe Bay, Shelly Bay, John Smith’s Bay, Tobacco Bay and Clearwater Beach.

“A new CITV programme [below] and a BTA presentation [available online] will guide entrepreneurs on the kinds of amenities and experiences best suited for each of the beaches. More information will be shared during Entrepreneurship Week, November 14th to 21st, 2016,” the BTA said.

“For the better part of a year, our Beach Economy Working Group has been coordinating with government departments and collaborating with a variety of stakeholders. Thanks to the input of many, our plan has wide support,” said Glenn Jones, chairman of the BTA’s internal team working on beaches.

“Five beaches now have a clearly defined identity, based on their natural attributes and appeal. This will lead to economic opportunities for Bermudians. Local entrepreneurs can study our research and use it to develop new, forward-thinking ideas that align with the vision.”

“The Ministry of the Environment is working closely with the BTA to realise a beach vision that balances economic opportunity for Bermudians with important environmental sensitivities on our shoreline,” said Minister of the Environment Cole Simons.

“Focusing on five public beaches – just 12 percent of total beaches – is a smart way to achieve balance. And we agree, assigning identities as the BTA has done gives us a clear vision that will streamline the permitting process for small business owners.”

The BTA said, “For example, an identity for John Smith’s Bay is health and wellness. Next year, the BTA will ask the Parks Commission to recruit entrepreneurs for John Smith’s Bay that can deliver a health and wellness experience. In turn, the BTA will use its marketing channels to drive visitors to John Smith’s Bay if they’re looking for a health and wellness experience.”

Mr Jones said: “What we’re doing is matching the persona of the visitor with the identity of the beach. When we get this right it should mean more jobs for Bermudians, more visitor spending into our economy and a better experience for beach goers – visitors and locals alike.”

A beach identity chart created by the BTA’s Beach Economy Working Group

Beach Identity Bermuda Nov 4 2016

The BTA formed an internal working group to consider enhancements to Bermuda’s beach economy. They were tasked with three primary objectives:

  • create beach economy jobs
  • increase visitor spending on public beaches
  • improve the beach experience for visitors and locals

In addition to the economic opportunities around amenities and experiences, the BTA’s work focuses on beach cleanliness, facilities maintenance and ancillary job opportunities like the ones that may emerge in the transport sector.

Some beaches on the Beach Economy Vision target list already have concessionaires in place under Government lease agreements. The BTA said they will work with existing beach entrepreneurs and new ones to encourage them to offer amenities and experiences that live up to the beach’s identity and deliver on visitor expectations.

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Comments (16)

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  1. Rusty says:

    What ever happened to Marico Thomas and his ideas.
    Killed by those who are now silent about beach activity.
    Happens all the time

    • Don’t forget about the business owner at the Fort St. Catherine’s beach who was forced out, amazing how we still have idiots who put the cart before the horse.There are many ideas that we can use that would be successful and if you just look to some of the destinations around the World, you would see why their beach destinations are so popular.

      It don’t take a genius to figure this out, but the most key element, is that it have a Bermudian flavor to it. Let’s not waste tax payers dollars on any expensive research from outside influences, even if we adopt some of it’s creative ways of doing business.

      You have many intelligent Bermudians living both here and abroad that can sole these issues and many like it.

  2. Lady Bug says:

    Shelly Bay needs new amenities, huh? Gosh, doesn’t that ring a bell…someone else trying to do just that:
    1. create beach economy jobs
    2. increase visitor spending on public beaches
    3. improve the beach experience for visitors and locals

    • Shelly Bay, Well the joke is that we had a business venture seemingly all geared up to revamp and do something positive, but many went against it because of parking facilities, and parts of the beach being used for dining. so are we really willing to revamp the old and come up with something new and 21st century.

      • PBanks says:

        Fair argument, hopefully Mr. Steinhoff and co aren’t too discouraged from the parking lot objections and are continuing to look into how to have a viable business there. Dang shame the whole affair became a bit of a shouting match when middle ground was achievable.

  3. Disappointed says:

    Well what happens to Warwick long bay beach,if you all are doing your home work as you say Mr jones, you would need to know that Warwick long bay is just as busy as horseshoe bay. the only difference is that tourist are getting married there every day and the bathrooms are in terrible condition.if you are trying to please the tourist then you need to take a look at warwick long bay also.

    • PBanks says:

      I suspect the reason why Warwick Long Bay wasn’t on the list is because they want to try not to ‘develop’ it, maintain that natural look, so to speak. Of course, they still need to maintain restrooms, ensure horses don’t plop all over the place, etc.

      • Mbda says:

        Agreed, beaches left untouched displaying their natural beauty are just as popular as those with restaurants and bars.

  4. somuchless says:

    Bta. Trying to sound bright

  5. Seriously!!! says:

    I have submitted proposals for 3 of our beaches. Including 2 that are listed above. I resubmitted amended proposals after rejection. As I post this, I have a proposal at the department of parks that has been on their docket for the parks commission to meet on since June of this year.

    I find this laughable. As it does NOT seem that they are SERIOUSLY trying to work with entrepreneurs. Included in all of my submissions was a request for advice as to how I can tailor my project to work and if it was rejected for the requested beach, then suggest where it could work.

    To date- NOTHING!!!

    • Widget says:

      @ Seriously!!!! Stop you whining and keep on them. Don’t just submit and forget about it.

      But then again your either Buzz or the crew from Tabacco Bay. If this is the case I wouldn’t look at it either. We need to keep the concessions in separate hands

  6. Bermie says:

    What is a “dream tripper”? Anyone?

  7. Vanguard says:

    Legal weed and legal weed vendors would drive business on the beach. Also, a pay to enter naturist zone would be a big earner.

  8. Still Crazy After All These Years says:

    Beaches don’t create jobs. Entrepreneurs do.

  9. mmm says:

    I hear well the desire to bring about a vibrant beach economy, that would be great … It is very important, to have adequate patrols made by the police and park rangers…folks need to be able to secure their valuables and relax, lockers are needed. Illegal activity needs to be minimized. Public restrooms also need adequate changing room areas and cleaned. Those facilities at ” Pontoons ” Spanish Point need to be torn down and replaced. We can do well.

  10. Will says:

    Don’t stop at the beaches! We need ideas for the whole island..not everyone comes for beaches you know. Apart from sun bathing what else do we have to offer?