Airbnb & BTA Launch Experiences In Bermuda

March 28, 2019

Today, Airbnb and the Bermuda Tourism Authority officially launched Airbnb Experiences for the island, offering visitors an array of immersive experiences; all hosted by locals looking to share their passions and interests with people from all over the world.

“Airbnb Experiences are designed to allow people to immerse themselves in local communities and participate in activities led by local experts, all while encouraging cross-cultural connections between guests and locals.” said Carlos Munoz, Airbnb Campaign Manager, Public Policy and Communications for the Caribbean and Central America.

“As a people-powered platform, we are pleased to expand our footprint in Bermuda to now include one-of-a-kind bookable experiences in addition to the hundreds of unique homes to stay in throughout the island.”

The BTA hosted new experiences hosts to celebrate the launch of Airbnb Experiences in Bermuda. Pat Phillip-Fairn and Glenn Jones of the BTA[both far right] are joined by eleven local experience hosts. Starting today more than 15 Airbnb Experiences are available to Bermuda visitors for booking. Credit: Rohan Shastri

Airbnb Experience Hosts Launch Bermuda March 2019

The BTA said, “More than 15 Bermuda Experiences are currently featured on Airbnb, a result of the collaborative effort by Airbnb and the Bermuda Tourism Authority, with more expected to be added to the platform over the next few weeks.

“These Experiences are being marketed worldwide to millions of engaged Airbnb users who visit the company’s website, social media, and email channels.

“Locals will serve as expert hosts, showing visitors the allure of the island’s natural beauty and sharing genuine Bermudian hospitality through interactive cultural excursions, all while helping spread the benefits of tourism to all parts of the island,” the BTA explained.

“Through these Experiences, visitors, for example, can get a first-hand taste of Bermuda, eating and drinking their way through Hamilton on a one-mile food tour that highlights historic sites along the way.

“Seeing is believing for those who embark on a unique photography Experience, complete with an expert guide offering photography tips as they snap photos and explore the Bermuda Botanical Gardens in Paget.”

Screenshot from the Bermuda experiences page on Airbnb’s website

Things to Do in Bermuda  5-Star Authentic Experiences - Google Chrome 3282019 120149 PM

“Tapping the vast creative and entrepreneurial potential of Bermudians is a major plank of our National Tourism Plan. Airbnb Experiences effectively delivers on that strategy,” said Pat Phillip-Fairn, chief product and experiences development officer at the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“We are very proud of the passionate locals putting Bermuda’s legendary hospitality on display for the world and we encourage others to step forward with their ideas.”

Anyone living in Bermuda can apply to offer an Experience on the Airbnb platform, regardless of whether they are an existing Airbnb host. There is no start-up cost; however, Airbnb takes a commission on sales in exchange for connecting local hosts with travelers from around the world.

To learn more about Airbnb Experiences or to sign up as an Experience host, visit here.

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  1. Fantastic says:

    Long overdo. Talked about for years and in typical Bermuda tradition taking so long to do. Congrats. It will be a big success. Already the rest of the world is lined up to once again copy us. So let’s stop saying no to progressive ideas and start saying yes.

    • Bermudian Thinker says:

      To clarify, Bermuda is not, slow. Airbnb experiences only popped up 2.5 years ago. Then expanded their offerings to other destinations last year. So by the looks of it, Bermuda is doing well.

      Google is a hell of a thing.

      • John Dough says:

        By the looks of it, the only aspect of Bermuda’s economy that IS doing well.

  2. SinCara says:

    Great… more affordable 1 bedroom apts gone from the rental market…. thanks guys

    • Um Um Like says:

      How have Airbnb Experiences removed apartments from the rental market?

      • Whistling Frog says:

        By no longer being rented out to the local population…

        • Airbnb Experiences have nothing to do with accommodation; these are Bermudians offering tours or other local experiences for a fee, based on their passions. The customer might be a visitor staying at a vacation rental, but they could just as easily be a hotel guest or a local.

        • Um Um Like says:

          Experiences have nothing to do with hosting. Do some research.

  3. Paul says:

    Who is checking out these vacation rental units ? heard some reports of disgusting places that are available..

    • Um Um Like says:

      Guests are checking them, genius! If they’re disgusting, the host gets a bad review.

    • sage says:

      People leave reviews, if you get bad reviews you don’t get clients. Watch “Hotel Hell” dirty places are fairly common and you wouldn’t want to use a UV lamp…

  4. Uber says:

    When are we getting Uber?

  5. Welcome to Bermuda!