Parks Department To Clean Up Railway Trail

November 25, 2016

A team of 10 Department of Parks employees will tackle 15 “hotspots” on the Railway Trail tomorrow [Nov 26] in an effort to clear the areas of debris.

“This special Saturday cleanup will concentrate on Hurricane Nicole debris identified as a potential risk to public safety, especially fallen trees that partially block pathways and stairs. The team will be divided into two crews to maximize efficiency,” the Department said.

Minister of the Environment Cole Simons, said, “It takes time to remediate the extensive damage from a category 3 hurricane.

“Obviously, after clearing the island’s roadways, our first priority was to make our school grounds safe for students and staff. This was followed by bringing our national parks, which are often enjoyed by locals and tourists, up to standard. It is now time to focus extra attention on the Railway Trail.”

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  1. inna says:

    Should be the Prison Department, not Parks.

    Start at Dockyard, work their way to Great Head, St. Davids. Turn around, and work their way back west.

  2. Community First says:

    This is very good news – are they looking for community volunteers to assist and is there a way to schedule regular work so the Railway Trail can be enhanced, improved, kept up and accessible to all residents and visitors all the time?

    KBB is excellent at organising, arranging and coordinating island wide clean up events and with the appropriate annual funding from Government – they could do that on behalf of all Bermuda.

  3. Trail User says:

    Management Has manipulated the system again and Now paying overtime for a job that can be done during week. Our why has it not put out to tender like it should be?