Premier Presents Boris Johnson With Shorts

November 3, 2016

While in the UK for the Overseas Territories Joint Ministerial Council meetings, Premier Michael Dunkley met with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, taking the opportunity to present him with pink Bermuda Shorts.

Premier JMC November 2 2016 2

A spokesperson said, “Last evening, Premier Michael Dunkley along with other OT leaders had a courtesy visit with Boris Johnson, Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.

“During the occasion, Premier Dunkley presented the Foreign Secretary with a pair of pink Bermuda shorts, to which Minister Johnson warmly received.”

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  1. Smh says:

    The premier of a majority black country, giving a gift to a man who referred to black people as “piccaninnies with watermelon smiles.” ok

  2. Onion Juice says:

    He shouldve gave him a Gombey hat too, Bermuda shorts dont identify with ALL of Bermuda’s inhabitants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • inna says:

      And Gombey hats do??

    • Cow Polly says:

      Don’t they? Funny I’ve never seen them worn by only one segment of the Bermudian population – even women are getting in on the act now. So which inhabitants are you referring to? Lizards, frogs, Cahows?

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      A gombey head dress is something one earns with knowledge and reverence to its history and tradition, not a gift to someone who has no respect or clue to the cultures of others. Boris is probably the worst pick for a foriegn secretary the U.K. could ever have, and the only reason he is there is because of who he knows and the whole Brexit debacle. While it seemed to have been a scheduled ‘courtesy’ visit, and frankly a waste of a gift, at least we can take solace in knowing that he would look like a complete twit if he ever tried to wear them.

  3. Rada Gast says:

    “to which Minister Johnston warmly received”?????

  4. Family Man says:

    Nice gesture but it’s time Boris put on his big boy pants.

  5. Big Head says:

    The thought of Boris in pink Bermuda shorts is not a pleasant one!

  6. Vamos says:

    Bermuda shorts aren’t offensive. Now a certain premier giving a “gombey hat”would cause a stir!

  7. Swing Voter says:

    wrong size M8 …. he won’t get them up past the knees!

  8. ian says: