Greenrock Reacts To The 2016 Throne Speech

November 8, 2016

Greenrock has reacted to yesterday’s [Nov 7] Throne Speech, saying that it is “disappointed at the lack of any mention” of “climate change,” but “excited about the mention of addressing the issue of plastics on the island.”

The environmental group said, “Greenrock is disappointed at the lack of any mention in this year’s Throne Speech regarding climate change.

“We feel this is the most important challenge facing Bermuda in the 21st Century and the longer we collectively fail to address it the harder it will be for Bermuda to adapt going forward, or to have the moral authority to appeal for assistance with adapting to it if we have failed to take any steps regarding that.

“We are however excited about the mention of addressing the issue of plastics on the island and our surrounding waters. We’re not entirely sure yet what that will involve, however we are hopeful that it will see a charge on single-use carrier bags, like those in the various devolved UK jurisdictions.

“These have proven to be extremely successful in reducing the amount of plastic bags entering, particularly, the marine ecosystem. We will look forward to reviewing the details of these proposals – we will look to review the proposed Green Paper at the earliest opportunity.

“We’re not surprised about the proposal for developing fuels policy and legislation. This was alluded to in the 2015 Throne Speech, and an RFP on it was advertised over the summer. We are currently reviewing these issues accordingly so that we can contribute constructively once we see the details of what is proposed.

“We of course support the solar finger idea and think that it is a good step to reducing the islands carbon footprint – or at least not adding to it – and demonstrating the potential for renewable energy going forward.”

Slideshow of the Convening of Parliament and Throne Speech:


“There are some concerns with the announcement to amend the National Parks Act as regards the BTA’s ‘Beach Economy’ strategy. The strategy identified five beaches for development, while keeping the rest of our beaches pristine and natural.

“However, we’re concerned about the potential for this to have what I guess you could call ‘mission creep’ incorporating additional beaches over time, or going beyond what was initially proposed for the five beaches in question.

“So that does set alarm bells off for us, and I’m sure we’ll be working closely with our sister NGO’s to consider the potential ramifications of these proposed amendments once we have the opportunity to review them.

“The proposal to improve the management of our marine economic exclusive zone [EEZ] through conducting a study of illegal fishing is certainly welcome and a first step to improving the protection and conservation of the area.

“Perhaps more important than what was in the Throne Speech is what wasn’t. Climate change was the most glaring omission.

“After that, steps to improve our recycling system was noticeably absent. There wasn’t any mention of sustainable development. With a worldwide focus on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals Bermuda is placing itself as behind the global trend and not as leaders.

“The lack of a commitment to near shore marine spatial planning was disappointing. This is crucial to developing offshore renewable energy, tourism and conservation – without it we are limited in how we can manage our immediate marine area or look to develop offshore wind generation for example.

“As a charity that has education at its heart we recognise and welcome the drive to improve Information Technology in the schools systems and see it as an opportunity for education to push students to look to Green careers in line with the growing industry worldwide.”

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    More Smoke and Mirrors !

    Nothing was said about the growing list of monopolies in this country either.

    Mostly trivia !

    just Cats, Dogs and Fish !

    Young working class families don’t have a hope,the Government takes all 22.25 % on everything, including Spinach.