Roadside Breath Testing & Speed Cameras

November 7, 2016

The RSC is “very glad to see that Government remains committed to introducing roadside breath testing” and is “also pleased that Government is committed to installing speed cameras around the Island,” Bermuda Road Safety Council Chairwoman Erica Rance Mill said following the Throne Speech today.

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Throne Speech Extract

The relevant portion of the Throne Speech said, “The Government has no tolerance for impaired driving and will set up roadside testing in 2017.

“The Ministry, accordingly, will work with the Ministry of National Security, the Bermuda Road Safety Council and CADA to carry out this vital road safety initiative and in ways that deter people from taking the risk of driving under the influence.

“Ministry efforts to improve road safety will also see the introduction of speed cameras at various locations around the Island.”

RSC Chairwoman’s Comments

Following this morning’s Throne Speech, Ms Rance Mill said, “The RSC is very glad to see that Government remains committed to introducing roadside breath testing, and while we were hoping to see this become a reality this year look forward to the implementation next year.

“Our goal with requesting this amendment is to provide the police with a tool that will assist with deterring the all too common habit of driving under the influence.

“We are also pleased that Government is committed to installing speed cameras around the Island which, we believe, will assist greatly in reducing the problems of speed that we see Island-wide. Any costs involved will hopefully be offset by the fines imposed for those who choose to break the law.

“We have highlighted the need for these initiatives in the past and will continue to campaign, along with other interested groups, for their introduction.”

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  1. Bermy Bie says:

    So these with “speed cameras” if someone is speeding and caught on camera, what is the repercussions? Are they mailed a ticket now? I personally feel this is just another way to line the polices pockets and take from those who need. Are you aware of the fine associated to speeding and if one is caught being “over the limit”, its ridiculous! The fines are too high and do more bad than good but that’s just my two cents

    • Hope says:

      Taking from those who need? If you need the cash so much then do not speed, it’s not rocket science.

    • serengeti says:

      If only there were some way of avoiding getting speeding tickets.

    • sage says:

      When the RSC introduced seatbelt laws the fine was initially set at $2000, so when they came on Everests’ show I called in with my usual “negativity” and “nitpicked” their suggestion informing them it should be a $50 fine like a parking ticket, like in other jurisdictions, since not wearing your seatbelt endangers no one other than you. They changed it. Your welcome. Unfortunately they imposed 5 points along with it, strange since driving the wrong way on a one-way road (far more potential for harming others) is two points, I believe. No rhyme or reason. Drunk driving fines go from $800 to $1500 the lesser fine having nothing to do with the severity of the offense apparently.

      • Hope says:

        I tend to disagree on the seat belt issue. Not all persons are capable of making this decision for themselves, such as children. So if your child is not wearing a seatbelt then you are directly endangering someone else.

        There have also been accidents where the person in the back of the car who is not wearing a seatbelt injures the person in the front, again…endangering someone else.

        Not wearing a seatbelt also shows a complete general lack of safety, awareness and responsibility.

        Driving the wrong way on a one-way street is bad, but could be done simply by mistake (still not good practice though!). However not wearing a seatbelt is very much a conscious decision.

    • Really says:

      Are you over the limit writing what you just wrote or just plain dumb? People are killing themselves and injuring others weekly because of ignorant speeding and dunk driving. If you are low on cash the last thing you should be doing is going out drinking, maybe use the time to find employment? This comment just blows my mind!

      • Bermy Bie says:

        No where does I mention drinking this is solely in connection to the speed cameras I agree it is just another way for them to spy and control our island

  2. Frank says:

    Get on with it all ready.
    How many years has this been promised by both parties?

  3. Smarter441 says:

    “Speed Cameras” just sounds like a legal way to spy on people island-wide. Also once people learn where they are located people just won’t speed in that area. Then what use are they?

    • Hope says:

      Average speed cameras are used on longer stretches in many countries, hopefully those will be chosen here too. Much more difficult to evade. If they are also placed in the black spots where accidents are more likely to occur then they will help still, even if they are not the average speed cameras. Remember, the primary use of these is to reduce speed, not collect fines (although I’m sure the fine collection won’t hurt!)

      • Will says:

        No the primary purpose is to reduce speeding. Their use on the other hand is to fill government coffers plain and simple. Cameras don’t make the roads anymore safer…just look at the UK for that.

        • Hope says:

          Can’t say I mind if it does result in more fines, maybe then we can pay off all of that debt!

    • go figure says:

      people will slow down in those areas, hmm, could that be the use for them? Heaven forbid they put them in areas where accidents occur, as a result of speeding, and as a result people slow down and there are no more accidents!

      • real investigation says:

        Accidents will happen as always, the cameras will do nothing to prevent this.

        • serengeti says:

          You don’t think that speeding is a contributing factor in many accidents?

          • real investigation says:

            It may do, it may not. There is way more to an accident that necessarily speeding. If you overtake on a blind corner, whether you were speeding or not means little.

    • Trombone says:

      Put them in the usual places for speeding, frees up the traffic police to set up elsewhere.

      Seems odd that everyone is all woe-is-me when another person loses their life to a road accident, but when the government try to do something about it, all the moaners come out. Simple solution – don’t speed, don’t drink and drive.

      As someone who has lost a loved one in an RTA, through the fault of someone else, anything which saves the life of just one innocent person is worth it.

    • PBanks says:

      Maybe they’ll be mobile/randomly located.

    • Terry says:

      YOU WOULD HAVE SLOWED DOWN donkey……………………….

  4. sage says:

    No tolerance means zero alcohol in the body, not 0.08.

    • Hope says:

      Alcohol is not just included in drinks, but also in some medicines and in food, so having a completely zero policy is not realistic unfortunately.

    • serengeti says:

      And zero drugs in the bloodstream, I’m sure you will agree.

      • sage says:

        There is no allowable amount for other drugs in the bloodstream only alcohol, which I’m sure you realize is a drug, enjoys immunity. If only we took accurate statistics instead of “75% of fatalities are due to alcohol and/or drugs” then we would know for sure what is the main culprit.

    • Smarter441 says:

      You do realize mouthwash can give someone a positive test? So people out here with fresh breath would be fined?

  5. peter n says:

    Speed cameras….the ones i am familiar with in europe and the u.s take a picture of the speeding vehicle and a fine is sent in the mail…however in motorbikes the license plates are fixed to the rear of the any picture taken of the plate wouldnt identify the rider just the vehicle…in bermuda its customary to let our friends and coworkers use our bikes…which i personally wouldnt do anymore if i as the vehicle owner receive the ticket…effect…more vehicles on the road..

    • Cynical says:

      So your buddy borrows your bike, gets caught, and doesn’t own up? Not much of a buddy.

  6. mt says:

    Typical…spend money we don’t have on more fancy techy stuff that won’t work in 3 years time. All our government does is copy what other countries do even if it doesn’t suit us. It works over there, then it must here also!

    Be original just once…I dare you!

  7. NO MORE WAR says:

    Drunk driving is a joke here in Bermuda and don’t get me started on the courts and how soft they really are.

  8. Ride says:

    Its about time speed cameras where seriously put on the table. The Island is so small with a serious reduction in speed possible by a small number of cameras (perhaps 30 or so). Its not safe.

    Plus with the addition of the mini-cars rented to drivers accustomed to much higher speed. There need to be large fines that an deter speeding for renters with the rental company liable to pay (they then charge the card to get the funds). Think of the road toll fines in the USA if you don’t pay your $1.50 as you go through. By the third miss it is upwards of a $500 fine. Same principle but with high initial fine.

  9. Imjustsaying says:

    Yeah put speed cameras out there, then you will just have more unpaid fines. With all theses laws this island is slowly turning into a Police State.

  10. seriously says:

    speed cameras seriously!!! waste of more taxpayer money!!! CCTV is useless here! they don’t use or maintain it. So this is more wasted taxes here.