Companies Act Now Requires More Information

December 8, 2016

The Registrar of Companies will require further information regarding directors due to an amendment to The Companies Act.

A spokesperson said, “The Companies Act 1981 was amended by adding section 92B to provide for a Register of Directors in respect of Bermuda registered companies to be kept by the Registrar of Companies [the “Registrar”]. Every company must now file with the Registrar a list of its directors.

“The list of directors must contain the following information with respect to each director: in the case of an individual, his present first name, surname and address, and, in the case of a company, its name and address of the registered office.

“Although not mandated by the legislation, for the purposes of ease of identification, we recommend that Directors’ middle names and/or initial[s] be provided as well.

“In order to facilitate the filing of the list of directors, the Registry has prepared a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template which can be found here and may be used by Service Providers to download all requisite directors’ information into the provided fields. Kindly email the completed template to

“The list of directors must be current as at the date of filing and the Registrar must be notified of any subsequent change in directors within thirty days of any such change.

“The filing fee of $90.00 is applicable to all directors’ register filings and should preferably be made by wire transfer. Please refer again to here for details of the wire transfer account information. Queries regarding payment of fees may be directed to and

“The absolute deadline for the initial filing is 31 January 2017. Please note that non-compliance with this provision after 31 January 2017 will result in default fines being imposed on companies and officers.”

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