Author Rod Farrington Releasing New Novel

December 8, 2016

Author Rod Farrington has announced the release of his latest action-adventure novel, The Crystal Pendulum, on December 9.

The 275-page book, the longest so far in his career, tells the tale of the mythical City of Atlantis hidden miles below Bermuda in the Sargasso Sea. In a place filled with “stunning coral formations and crystals, a battle breaks out to protect the magical crystal pendulum there from a dark army, called the Dredge.”

“Five teenagers from Bermuda, known as the Spinners, get involved in an effort to save Atlantis, as well as their island home from being destroyed.”

Mr. Farrington said, “It is suited for anyone nine years old and up. Although it was written with preteens and teenagers in mind, I think a lot of my adult fans will also enjoy it as well.”

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“I became a grandfather four years ago and have three granddaughters now and when I looked back at a lot of my novels recently I realized my grandchildren wouldn’t be able to read them for quite some time and some they may not be able to read until they are an adult.

“That’s why I thought it would be fun to create a novel that would appeal to younger readers – and how The Crystal Pendulum came about. A lot of my fans over the years, especially in Bermuda, really love the Spinners series and wanted me to pick that back up in a novel, so I figured that would be a great opportunity to do both things at once.

“I have a gifted imagination – that’s where my strength is and that’s what I rely on in my novels,” he said. “I want young people reading these books to tap into their sense of adventure and know it’s okay to use their creativity and imagination.”

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“From watching my own kids grow up and through watching my grandchildren I’ve realized our culture doesn’t give children enough opportunity to use and grow their imaginations, but I want for them to read this and think ‘Wow, how did he come up with this’ and let them know it’s okay to also exercise your mind.

“I have written more lines of computer programming than I have novel lines. For 20 years, I channeled my imagination into writing computer programmes and while that creativity is something you can use for fun and pleasure, it’s also something you can use throughout your life if you channel it in different ways.

“The one thing I consistently hear from people who read my books and give their reviews, in almost every case they bring up my imagination. It must really strike people because when I’m writing a novel I’m actually living the novel as I write it.

“I’m seeing it in my mind and I don’t know what’s going to happen until I am writing that part of the plot. I have no outlines of where it’s going to go. The biggest problem is I’m a two-finger typist so it sometimes takes me a long time to get through it all.”

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A spokesperson said, “This is the first time Mr Farrington has included talking animals as characters in his book.

“He got inspired after watching animated films like the 2013 release of Epic with his granddaughters and decided to use this as an opportunity to educate young people about local species like the skink, tree frogs and sea turtles. All in all, he’s excited to see how readers react to the latest in his series.”

“I’m very excited because this book is based in Bermuda. My two other most recent books were based in the swamps of Louisiana and both sold well in the US on Kindle, but I really enjoy writing about Bermuda and encouraging locals to think differently about the splendor around them.”

The Crystal Pendulum is available at Bookmart, Bermuda Book Store, Book Cellar and Gorham’s for $9.00. Mr Farrington will be signing copies of his book at Gorham’s on Saturday, December 10 from 12.00pm until 3.00pm, and on Saturday, December 17 from 12.00pm to 3.00pm at The Bookmart at Brown & Co.

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  1. PBanks says:

    This sounds exciting. Well done Mr. Farrington.