Mandy-Suzanne Wong To Release New Book

August 16, 2023 | 0 Comments

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The latest novel from Bermudian author Mandy-Suzanne Wong, The Box, will be published next month.

A writer of fiction and essays, Ms Wong’s works include the novel Drafts of a Suicide Note; the essay collection Listen, we all bleed; the chapbooks Awabi and Artificial Wilderness; and the exhibition catalogue Animals Across Discipline, Time, and Space.

The Box will be published by Graywolf Press on September 19.

A description of the novel reads: “Set in the backdrop of an unnamed city where it constantly snows, a small white box made of paper strips falls from a coat pocket into a dark, crooked lane. The mysterious box is seemingly impenetrable, and it’s unclear whether it contains anything inside of it.

“This strange rectangular object is the protagonist of The Box, passing from narrator to narrator. These six different narrators – from the anthrophobe to a curator of a renowned art collection to a hotel bartender with a dark past – each have their own distinctive voices.

“These shifts in tone add to the mesmerizing, puzzle-like experience of reading the novel, asking the reader to recalibrate as the book progresses.

“One mysterious woman, referred to by one of the narrators as “the Seeker”, pursues the box with a deadly desperation, convinced of the box’s powers. In the background, the metropolis where the novel takes place appears to be rife with disaster, as if about to crumble at any moment.”

Ms Wong adds: “Every Bermudian learns that there are many—many—ways of speaking English and that it is wisest to select and change one’s English in accordance with the context of the moment.

“The voices of The Box are inspired first and foremost by written English that has been translated from other written languages.

“There is a planet’s worth of ways in which English can be beautiful!”

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