Video: Introducing The AC Grinding Challenge

January 20, 2017

This week’s ‘Minute with Mikaela’ introduces the Americas Cup Community Grinding Challenge, which will see people test their strength and agility, with those with the best times to be invited to compete in the finals.

During the Minute, Mikaela Pearman said, “With the America’s Cup just a few months away, there’s plenty going on. From more teams moving to Bermuda, to everyone preparing for the main event, and here’s a way you can have a taste of the action, the Community Grinding Challenge.

“One of the most important roles on the AC boats is the grinder. He’s probably the fittest of all the sailors as he literally powers the boat by grinding during the race. Now you have an opportunity to test out your fitness in the Community Grinding Challenge.”

“It will essentially be a roadshow starting at the end of the month, stopping at schools and community events for you to have a go on the grinder and log your best time.

“Those with the best times in each category will be invited to compete in the finals during opening weekend of AC-35, and the prizes are exciting.

“Get your strength up and look out for more information because the Community Grinding Challenge is coming to you very soon. Look out for the launch event happening next week.”

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