Lamb Foggo To Be Closed For One Month

January 18, 2017

The Bermuda Hospitals Board advised that they are replacing the vinyl flooring at the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre [UCC], and the UCC will be temporarily closed after Thursday, January 19th, and it is “expected to re-open for business as usual in mid-February.”

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Marshall Minors, Vice President, Facilities Management & Estates, comments: “We alerted the public last year that we would temporarily close the UCC for this floor replacement work as well as other minor repairs and upgrades to the physical plant.

“We are committed to providing an ongoing urgent care service from the Lamb Foggo facility and this work will ensure the building is safe to deliver care for our patients in the long term.

“We apologise for the inconvenience of the closure, but as anyone who has visited the facility in recent months can attest, the flooring needs to be completely replaced.

“We wanted to undertake this work outside of the hurricane season, and well ahead of the America’s Cup events and peak summer tourist months. We look forward to re-opening the UCC in February and we will update the community once the work is complete.”

“While the UCC is closed, some UCC staff have been reassigned to the Emergency Department at KEMH to manage the likely increased traffic,” the BHB said.

“The public are reminded to use the Emergency Department service wisely and visit their GP if their situation is not urgent.”

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  1. Jim Bob says:

    a month to replace a floor in such a small building???? I’m no expert but that sounds a little bit excessive.

    • O.M.G says:

      Think of all the Equipment etc it’s not just laying it down with nothing in the way.

    • RME says:

      “…temporarily close the UCC for this floor replacement work AS WELL AS other minor repairs and upgrades to the physical plant.”

      Read much, Jim Bob?
      As OMG said there’s a lot of other things to consider. As you stated, you’re no expert.

  2. hmmm says:

    6-7 years life out of the floor ! Is that normal?

  3. Juan de Bermudez says:

    Well it must be the inferior products they bought to build it. I guess when they return to power they will use the same materials to build the new airport they desperately don’t want the OBA to build during their reign!!

  4. JohnBoy says:

    I do hope they put a large “closed” sign near the ice cream shop to warn people so they don’t drive there in an emergency and find it closed.

  5. mmm says:

    I don,t know how long it will take to do the floor, but I do hope that adequate signs are placed at strategic locations to warn those anxiously seeking care. I wonder if the clinic on Barrack Hill opposite the Sylvia Richardson Rest Home, can be used in the context of some emergencies.

  6. Brian says:

    What are they closing the ice cream store ?