Video: Bermudian Stars In Cadillac Commercial

January 14, 2017

[Written by Don Burgess]

Bermudian Damon Degraff is starring in a Cadillac commercial. The owner of dGi Management was a part of Cadillac’s The Book pilot programme this past summer.

Mr. Degraff, who lives in New York City and runs a music management and production company which handles DJs, producers and photographers. dGi also consults and does influencer programming for different companies.

The producer said a friend of his alerted him to the pilot programme.

“He knows I like to escape the city on the weekends.The BOOK is Cadillac’s new subscription programme where for a monthly fee of $1500 you have your choice of a fleet of different Cadillac cars available to you at your fingertips,” he said.

I was very active within the programme switching cars frequently so I guess it was a natural choice for me to be a part. It doesn’t hurt that I’m stylish either.”

He laughed and said he wasn’t surprised at being chosen for the commercial but quickly added “In all seriousness, I was very excited being chosen to be a part of a project with such a prestigious brand. It was a huge honour.

Mr. Degraff added it took about a half a day for him to shoot his part of the 2.5 minute commercial. Cadillac chose several different people to represent their brand in the commercial to help cut across various demographics.

“They shot it more as a day in the life of and then edited everyone down to make an amazing piece.”

The surprising thing is that Mr. Degraff was “never a car guy” but after taking part in the project, he’s a big fan now.

“I think living in the city made me forget how useful they are and the independence they give you. Being a part of this programme was really eye opening and Cadillac has really taken driving beyond just a mode of transportation and turned it into an experience. That’s the beauty of the programme – you don’t have to own a car – you have access to a fleet at any time.”

His favourite to drive is CT6 because “it’s the most suitable to my needs living in the city – it looks great and is easy to move around.”

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  1. Ladeej says:

    Awesome Damon Degraff!!Well done. I love how Bermudians like you are making their marks on the world scene!

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  3. TimBuc says:

    Caddy Baby!!

  4. Grizz says:

    SUPER AWESOME!! #proudtobeBermudian