Eleven Videos: KPMG Front Street Mile Races

January 14, 2017

The 2017 KPMG Bermuda Front Street Mile Races took place on Friday evening [Jan 13] with an enthusiastic crowd coming out to show support to the runners.

The Primary School Girls race was won by Ramiah Brangman, with Jasmin Hasselkuss in second and Adriana Argent placing third. The Primary School Boys race saw Paris Mitchell Robinson race to victory, with Nayan Grant in second and Khari Sharrieff in third.

The Middle School Girls race was won by Selah Tuzo, with Taylor White finishing second and Jessica Bruton rounding out the top three. The Middle School Boys race was won by Sancho Smith, with Tommy Marshall in second and Nirobi Mills finishing third.


In the Senior School Girls race, Ashley Irby ran to victory, with Brianna Mendez in second and Mikaela Outerbridge in third.The Senior School Boys race saw Johndell Cumberbatch claim the victory, Robert Edwards place second and Isaiah Bell Phillips round out the top three.

In the Adult Local Women’s race, Jennifer Alen was the winner, with Gayle Lindsay in second, and Deon Breary in third. Coyatito Smith won the Adult Local Men’s race, with Stephen Allen in second, and Christopher Harris in third.

The Elite Women’s race saw Christina Cazola sprint across the line to claim victory, Dana Mecka finish second and Rolanda Bell place third. Diriba Degefa Yigezu from Ethiopia won the Men’s Elite Race, with Ford Palmer finishing second and Travis Mahoney placing third.

The full results are here [PDF] and you can see all of our coverage of the 2017 Bermuda Marathon Weekend here, and all our coverage of past year’s Front Street Mile races here.

The Bermuda Marathon Weekend is set to continue this weekend with the 10K on Saturday and the marathon and half marathon on Sunday.

Primary School Girls Race:

Primary School Boys Race:

Middle School Girls Race:

Middle School Boys Race:

Senior School Girls Race:

Senior School Boys Race:

Youth America’s Cup Team Race:

Local Women’s Race:

Local Men’s Race

Elite Women’s Race

Elite Men’s Race

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