Video/Results: Ferry Reach Mountain Bike Race

January 30, 2017

The 2016/2017 Flying Colours Mountain Bike Race Season Series continued on Sunday [Jan 29] at Ferry Reach Park.

A spokesperson said, “Ask a local in the street what they think when they hear the word Ferry Reach, you may get an answer saying something like “it’s a park in the east end”

“Ask the same question to a participant of the Flying Colours Mountain Bike Race Series presented by Beck’s Beer and Furniture Walk and I can guarantee within a few seconds their face will show the look of being scared, happy, sad, exhausted, excited, terrified, and it will all end with a huge smile.

“This, ladies and gentleman, is the effect that Ferry Reach Park has on us mountain bikers.

“The race was all of the above, plus more. The size of Ferry Reach Park meant that we were able to combine A division, B division and the Veteran division all into one big race on the course at once. Over 75 minutes of racing started at 10am. And what a race it was.

“The 2.5 mile course had everything. From the never-ending climb, to a technical rock garden, flowing single track, technical descents and a few long straights – pretty much everything to keep the participants on their toes [hopefully also on their bikes].

“In the A Division the top three were Matthew Oliveira, Adam Kirk and Kaden Hopkins.

“In the B Division Ziani Burgesson took 1st , Conor White came in 2nd and Jenai Robinson was 3rd.

“Male Veteran Division’s Grant Gouge took his first win, with Hans Hirschi coming in 2nd and Chris Roque coming in 3rd.

“In the Female Veteran class race Sarah Bonnett came in 1st and Laurie Orchard came in 2nd.

“The longer race in the A,B and Veteran divisions did mean that race times were shuffled around. The Novice and 13-15 Division race started at 8:30am, followed by the 12 and unders at 9:20am.

“Male Novice division’s Garth Fleming took yet another win, with Wendell Burrows coming in 2nd and Shawn Gravito taking his first 3rd place of the season.

“In the Female Novice division, Wenda Roberts came in 1st, Earlena Ingham was 2nd and Belinda Castree was 3rd.

“Nicholas Narraway took another win in the 13-15 Division, Liam Flannery came in 2nd and Finn Clarkson came in 3rd.

“The Female 13-15 saw Megan Hands come in 1st and Lea Balestrieri come in 2nd.

“The 12 & under division did a 0.5 Mile loop. Odin Heinz took 1st place, Jonah Trott took 2nd and Devon Soto took 3rd place.

“The Female 12 & Under division saw Chelsea Lomas taking 1st and Zahriah Outerbridge taking 2nd place.”

The full Flying Colours Mountain Bike Race Race 6 results follow below [PDF here]:

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