Video: PLP Launch Women’s Caucus Initiative

March 8, 2017

The PLP announced the launch of their Women’s Caucus today [March 8], saying the “goal is the inclusion of all women no matter their education level, race, or political status.”

The PLP said that the Women’s Caucus will hold their launch event on Saturday March 18th, and all women, not just party members, are welcome to attend the initial discussion event.

“The event will be a taste of what is to come for this initiative,” Liana Hall said. “We will be engaging in open dialogue and want to hear from every woman about what we, both individually and the PLP, can do to advance interests of women in Bermuda.”

Senator Kim Wilkerson, Senator Tinee Furbert and Public Relations Officer Liana Hall

PLP Bermuda March 8 2017

Liana Hall’s Remarks

Speaking at today’s press conference, PLP Public Relations Officer Liana Hall said, “I am grateful for the presence of Senator Kim Wilkerson and Senator Tinee Furbert as well as the other women present in recognition of International Women’s Day.

“Today is a day to both celebrate women and to recognise the challenges we face across the world, in all societies, in developing and developed countries alike, and specifically, Bermuda. The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is ‘Be Bold for Change.’

“We live in a world without gender equality and every inch of progress we have achieved is because we fought for it. Women always respond to the call to galvanise for change, because we must. We make up half the world and are the minority when it comes to economic standing, political power, and educational opportunities. We women are always bold, because we must be.

“That is why it is my honour to be here today on behalf of the PLP to announce the launch of our Women’s Caucus. In doing so, I would like to recognise the long legacy of PLP women Leaders and Premiers.

“Dame Lois Browne-Evans broke barrier after barrier by becoming the first woman called to the Bermuda Bar, the first female Attorney General and first female Opposition Leader in the entire Commonwealth. Dame Jennifer Smith’s achievement of becoming Bermuda’s first elected female Premier was a testament to her determination and commitment, as well as a changing Bermuda that saw a nation vote in a woman Premier. As our most recent female Premier, Paula Cox carried the flame onward.

“Our Women’s Caucus is not a traditional Parliamentary Caucus. Although, it will of course involve our women parliamentarians, it is grounded in the grassroots. Our goal is the inclusion of all women no matter their education level, race, or political status.

“PLP Women’s Caucus will hold our launch event on Saturday March 18th. All women, not just party members, are welcome to attend this initial discussion event. We encourage you to bring your children.

“The event will be a taste of what is to come for this initiative. We will be engaging in open dialogue and want to hear from every woman about what we, both individually and the PLP, can do to advance interests of women in Bermuda.

“After the public launch event, all meetings and events will be reserved for party members only. However, we will periodically hold open sessions to hear from those who wish to express themselves, their needs in the community and contribute to being bold for change.

“This is an initiative to engage all women and increase female parliamentary representation, whilst pushing agenda items that concern us.

“These issues are of course, not found in isolation, nor will they be approached in that manner. Whilst there is much talk about young black men being the neglected in this society, women, especially black women, are often the forgotten.

“No, we are not shooting one other, but our struggles are just as important. If we do not face the issues that affect women, we will continue to raise our girls and boys to be violent and disenfranchised.

“This is because the matters we will raise are fundamental to the health of our society. In the PLP’s Reply to the Throne Speech last year we proposed an expansion of maternity leave and a paternity leave allowance. Support for women in this way means support for our children, who so desperately need that time to bond.

The 12-minute live video replay is below:

“If women are the forgotten, then seniors have become the abandoned. This is a crucial area of concern, both for their financial welfare and healthcare needs. Additionally, it must be acknowledged that health issues for women differ to that of men. A woman who becomes pregnant with no health insurance faces a financial burden a man will never have to confront.

“Mental health and addiction issues are not the preserve of men. While the stereotype of the male addict on the street is prevalent, you will find female alcoholics and addicts from every walk of life struggling.

“The next PLP government will re-evaluate the services available to all addicts along with the addition of dual-diagnosis services. It is the Women’s Caucus role to ensure that this also assessed unique challenges faced by women, especially those serving custodial sentences.

Senator Tinee Furbert’s Remarks

Senator Furbert said, “Women in Bermuda face many unique issues. I believe if we examine the root causes of these issues, we can find solutions for all of Bermuda.

“Sexual assault is not solely inflicted upon women, but there are countless numbers of us. Additionally, we are more frequently the victims of domestic violence or abuse. We must advocate for more resources for focused trauma therapy and institutional support in the form of a safe space for all victims.

“These issues mentioned do not in any way form an exhaustive list, they form a bare start. Which is why we need you, the women of Bermuda.

“So please come join us on Saturday March 18th to share with us what you think we can do to achieve the best for Bermuda, for women, for all of us. We encourage you to ‘Be Bold For Change.”

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  1. Terry says:

    A picture speaks a ……………….

    • Earth watch police says:

      Interesting how they were silent when a former premier publicly shamed degraded and said the most vile things about a woman from the other side if he had said that about one of my daughter’s I would be in jail but he would have no front teeth.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Hats off to the women who paved the way for equality in a male dominated society which not only discriminated against gender but also colour.
      So much more for a woman of colour.

  2. Curious says:

    what time is the meeting on March 18, 2017? Thanks

  3. Grizz says:

    This looks like it will be a great event; I hope women from all walks of life attend.

  4. Hey says:

    good timing, election is in the air.

  5. bee says:

    Black women are the backbone of this society. But a PLP govt will not ensure that their jobs are safe.

  6. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    “goal is the inclusion of all women no matter their education level, race, or political status.”

    Picture doesn’t speak inclusion :(

  7. watching says:

    Well done Ladies. I especially like the contributions of Senator Wilkerson who broke it down and really gave it a welcoming touch. I hope many women in the community attend the launch.
    I wonder why the actual time and location was not mentioned yet though.

  8. Torian says:

    Good to see something positive come from PLP. Even if it is an election play, it’s still something positive for our community! Much more effective than whining every other day to media.