Berkeley: Message Circulating Is Not Official

June 12, 2017

A message circulating via social media asking for a public presence at the Berkeley Institute campus on Thursday is not an official position or request, and school officials have asked that the “public ignore such request.”

One version of the message suggested that there may be a issue at the school for students, and called on men to come and “present a solid front.”

“We understand that there is a communication circulating via email and social media asking for a public presence at the Berkeley Institute campus on Thursday, June 15, 2017,” Chairman of the Board of Governors Craig Bridgewater said.

“We would like to advise that this is not an official position or request from the Berkeley Institute, its administration, Board of Governors or any other stakeholder. Therefore, there is no need for such a presence and we ask that the public ignore such request.

“The Berkeley Institute has had no major issues with antisocial activity in recent years. The Administration, faculty and staff have worked hard to create a safe and harmonious school environment that is conducive to effective teaching and learning.

“We appreciate the care and concern of our alumni and the community at large. However, there is no need for a mass community response or presence on campus on June 15, 2017.”

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  1. Onion says:

    This island has become a mess of conspiracy theories.

    • VJ says:

      They’re not theories…

    • Freshair Fiend says:

      Yes – all the echos of the US election last year. I sense the hand of someone’s political consultant.

    • Cris says:

      no, not the island just a few of your cousins

  2. Yes,yes says:

    We need a law to punish people who start such rumours using social media.

  3. seriously? says:

    Why would anyone deliberately create and send a message like this?

  4. Know it All says:

    Election time is here, so obviously the Russians are spreading their fake news agenda.