Allison Hinds To Perform At America’s Cup Village

June 15, 2017

Alison Hinds, dubbed by fans worldwide as the “Queen of Soca”, will bring her powerful, emotional vocals and high-energy live show to the America’s Cup Village Main Stage from 5.30pm on June 17th.

Joining Alison on the Main Stage will be SOCA and R&B star Ricardo Drue, DJ Ryan Sayeed, Barrie Hype from Miami and DJ Crown Prince who mixes urban, Caribbean, mainstream, soul, top 40, moombahton [a fusion genre of house music and reggaeton] & electro.


“These world class entertainers at the America’s Cup Village are in keeping with the carnival atmosphere of Bermuda Heroes Weekend, a national holiday on June 19th,” the organisers said.

“Tickets to the 35th America’s Cup on 17th June are available now from just $50 here.

“Before the entertainment on the Main Stage, all eyes will be on Bermuda’s Great Sound as America’s Cup Defender Oracle Team USA takes on the Challenger for the 35th America’s Cup, Emirates Team New Zealand.

“The first two races in the America’s Cup Match, presented by Louis Vuitton, are scheduled to take place on 17th June from 2.00pm AST, and then attention will turn to the party in the America’s Cup Village that will run until 10.00pm.”

Go now here to book your place at the latest addition to the America’s Cup Concert Series.

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  1. Point boy says:

    Great news! It just keeps getting better!

    The OBA’s foresight in creating the Bermuda Tourism Authority is paying out tenfold!

    OBA all day everyday. Thanks for the hard work and dedication!

    Bermuda is on the map again! Berp berp berp!!

    Have a great holiday!!

    • wahoo says:

      More to come! This island is alive again.

      • Onion Juice says:

        Um is this de first time shes been here, but good that they’re finding last minute acts to boost a diverse crowd.
        Desperate gimic to sway votes?

        • Kim says:

          Not her first time here! Still won’t vote OBA!!!

        • Yesitsme says:

          Def not the first time she has been here!!

        • nerema says:

          Why would the AC care about votes?

        • wahoo says:

          I think your thong is too tight OJ. How can you take this to politics? The Ding-a-lings below are just as stupid as you but whatever. I do not do the soca thing as I am from Bermuda but give the AC credit for trying to do something that you would like. I will encourage them not to bother anymore. Stay at your club and do not bother the rest of us.

          Welcome to Bermuda Ms. Hinds I wish you the best for your upcoming show.

        • bdaboy says:

          “Desperate gimic to sway votes?”

          No, that was the beyonce concert.

        • Zevon says:

          Faith based tourism, that was a desperate gimmick.
          How is Andre doing these days, btw?

    • DS says:

      You two are hillarious

      • Point boy says:

        I ain’t joking kitty. Straight up in front of you, numbers and dollars don’t lie.

        Kid yourself all you want. The Rock has a vibe too it again.

        So so sick of the plp moaning and groaning!!!…. it’s the OBA’s fault for everything.

        But they are the ones with solutions and the ones fixing the errors of the plp

        • Kim says:

          No it’s not OBA’s fault for everything but they promised a lot and all they showed us was lies!

          • OMG says:

            And so did PLP, but nothing has changed all those years there where in power!

        • Yesitsme says:

          You sound just like the PLP tho as they use to say the same thing.

    • Say Whaat says:

      Thought the BTA is bipartisan. Guess they work for the OBA.

  2. Say Whaat says:

    Great way to draw attention from Bermuda Heroes Weekend! Keep up the work BTA!

    • What? says:

      What a rediculous comment. Don’t even know where to start. How is it taking away from heros weekend. Yes maybe it will persuade a few people to go instead of paying for a ticket to one of he heroes weekends events that are also run by a for profit company….

      • Say Whaat says:

        The AC is a for profit event. It ain’t a charity! Use spell check when you answer me.

        • Earth watch police says:

          Say what your hate will consume you.

        • Onion Juice says:

          Well if we dont make more then $200 Million profit then its a bad investment.

          • nerema says:

            Oh here he is. The finance expert. making up numbers again.

        • What? says:

          And the guys running the events at heroes weekend are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. Such stupidity isn’t worth the time to spell check. Shouldn’t have wasted the time to respond at all, but then the crazies would be running the loony bin.

        • No laughing matter says:

          Right, and the costumes for the carnival in St David’s were all free give-aways from charity. No one had to pay a dime to these groups.


    • Missed the nark says:

      I’m not sure how they are drawing attention away from BHW… the show is early evening and the show will get worldwide coverage/advertisement – drawing MORE attention to Bermuda and with it BHW because I guarantee every time they mention the artists they will mention BHW.

      • Say Whaat says:

        Party goes until 10PM. Raft up is on Saturday. But you don’t care about it, so what does it matter right?

        • Missed the mark says:

          See now that’s why assumptions shouldn’t be made. I attend multiple events every BHW… I’m pleased to see Soca having the chance to be on display like this…. when have you ever seen Soca at such a prestigious event on the world stage?!! The artists and DJs are obviously more than happy to perform otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed. Stop trying to find fault with everything and be thankful that Bermuda made this possible.

        • legalgal says:

          If you re Boat-less in Bermuda. No raft-up. No rights. No heroes. Rumors were circulating of a big act…who? Maybe next weekend?

          • Point boy says:

            I want a boat to. But I figured it’s gonna be about five more years of work to afford a humble one.

            So… I work and save what I can.


        • What? says:

          If someone walked up and handed you $50. I’m sure you would complain it wasn’t $100.

    • Sherbet man says:

      They are headed up the stadium and other events after the AC bit dummy! Your point is mute, hardly taking away from the events if anything might draw some of the AC crowd back.

  3. Coffee says:

    These artist represent different countries of CARICOM . I thought the OBA wanted no parts of the CARICOM .

    • nerema says:

      What has the OBA got to do with this?

    • Earth watch police says:

      No coffee that’s what the plp want

    • Lois Frederick says:

      Well you are wrong then. Bermuda is still an associate member of Caricom.

      • Earth watch police says:

        Well how come they treat Jamaican s like s##t?

  4. CM says:

    Wish all you would grow up!!!
    Complain about everything… Underhanded reason for everything… OBA doing this… PLP doing that…
    If you don’t like it… don’t go!!!
    Stop complaining and do something to bring this Island together!! Stop complaining about EVERY little thing!!!!!