Rev Run To Perform In Bermuda This Weekend

May 30, 2017

Hip hop legend Rev Run will perform in Bermuda this weekend to entertain accredited media on-island covering the 35th America’s Cup, and a limited supply of VIP tickets will be made available to the public for the event, sponsored by the Bermuda Tourism Authority in partnership with the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club.

The Live DJ Set by Rev Run and Mel DeBarge will take place Saturday, June 3rd at the Hamilton Princess Beach Club. Public ticket holders will be permitted to enter at 8:45pm and the headline performers will take the stage shortly afterward. Public VIP tickets include an open bar as well as the live set, and can be purchased online exclusively through PTix for $150.

RevRun Bermuda  May 30 2017

“Outdoor summer concerts are a way of life out here in Bermuda so we’re excited to show this aspect of island life to accredited America’s Cup media,” said Bermuda Tourism Authority Chief Sales and Marketing Officer Victoria Isley.

“It’s customary for the destination of major world sporting events to host a welcome party for visiting media. The Hamilton Princess Beach Club is an exceptional venue for the intimate, exclusive experience we want to create with Rev Run’s performance. We also wanted to open some access to the public because our visitors, particularly media, greatly value spending time getting to know the people who live here.”

“Prior to Saturday night’s Live DJ Set by Rev Run and Mel DeBarge, the media will enjoy Bermuda cuisine, signature Bermuda cocktails and Bermudian performers including DJ Korie Minors and The Kings,” the BTA said.

“Bermudian business man Damon DeGraff of DGI Management in New York City worked with the Bermuda Tourism Authority to secure Rev Run, who has a social media following of more than eight million across several platforms.

“Rev Run was catapulted to stardom in the 1980s as one-third of the culture-shaping trio known as Run-DMC. The group was the first hip hop group to achieve a gold album and a Grammy nomination. Run-DMC was also the first hip hop act to appear on the cover of Rolling Stone and have a music video on MTV.

“Decades later Rev Run, also known as Joseph Simmons, created a reality show on MTV that profiled the life of his family. Joseph Simmons is also a practicing Minister.

“Rev Run will perform alongside DJ Mel DeBarge, a New Yorker with a recognisable presence on the entertainment scene in New York, Atlantic City and Miami.”

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  1. Tomas says:

    How many tourists will this event bring in?

    • Dark Star says:

      Seriously—————–it is this weekend, this event won’t BRING in any tourist but it is a nice alternate to the normal “live music” typically available for entertainment over a weekend in Bermuda

      • Mike Hind says:

        What’s wrong with the live music in Bermuda on the weekend?

    • Unbelievable says:

      Read the story first before commenting…….It’s for the journalists and media. Not tourists.

      Having said that, it’s pricey for an act that A. hasn’t had a hit in years and B. is more of reality TV star these days than an actual musician.

    • DS says:

      How is he entertainment again ??? There we go not showcasing Bermudian talent again…..

  2. ImJustSayin says:

    Here is a question that most people probably aren’t even thinking about. Just why is sailing’s America’s Cup taking place in Bermuda? The answer? Money. Bermuda is willing to spend tens of millions of dollars, actually perhaps as much as $77 million US, for the right to host the event that probably should have been held in waters off of San Diego, or San Francisco or Chicago. Larry Ellison, the billionaire whose boat won the 2013 America’s Cup, had the right to hold the event in the US but that didn’t happen. Russell Coutts of the America’s Cup Event Authority had an idea. Let’s check out Bermuda and see if Bermudians would be receptive. Coutts might have sold the rights to the highest bidder. Only once has the America’s Cup not been defended in a home country. Switzerland is landlocked and the owners of defending Swiss champion decided to defend the Cup in waters off of Spain in 2007.

    Bermuda got the rights in a complex deal that included building an America’s Cup village in the Royal Dockyard which is better known as a port for cruise ships. In 2014, Coutts was not happy with American bids and Bermuda was dealing with a long recession and had seen tourism fall off so there was a deal that could be made. The Bermudan government has decided to follow an America sports practice. Stimulate the local economy by building a sports facility and that will serve as an economic stimulant for some city. It is a failed U. S. public policy but Bermuda leaders think having a high-end sporting event that attracts people with a lot of disposable income will fix a downward trend in tourism because those folks will return to the British territory long after the event is gone. Tourism will get back to prior levels. Then there is the Royal Dock/King Wharf itself. After the six America’s Cup teams leave, Bermudian officials are convinced that they will turn the facility into a viable business area. The odds are against that happening are great.

    • Coffee says:

      Great piece , along the same lines as I posted a few years back out of San Francisco .

      Boy was the officials in the Bay Area glad to see the back of this non event ! It generated zero profit ! I fully expect the same results for Bermuda , although I expect someone who is currently collecting big rent money to challange .
      They might have a point , but where’s the beef for the return investment for the government layout … No import duty …. No nothing !

    • Breathe says:

      Finally truth sees the light of day. Surprised the usual suspects haven’t lined up to call you anti-Bermudian.

    • Meh. says:


    • Hidden says:

      very well put, #MVP

    • Bermy says:

      Glad to see you can copy and paste from an article written by a fellow in Florida. Thanks for the insight

    • jiggs bda says:

      What a negative piece of spin that is.@ImJustSayin
      If this was Dr. Brown’s idea there would be no comment by the likes of you

  3. Make a new plan Stan says:

    Rev. Run?? To entertain journalist??

    And who knew this was a thing?…………”We also wanted to open some access to the public because our visitors, particularly media, greatly value spending time getting to know the people who live here.” This sounds crazy….all anyone needs to do is move around a bit…..there are “people who live here” everywhere. There’s no need to do a round up…..corral the residents so the press can meet them……weird.

    Who is the current local audience for Rev. Run? Run D MC was everything in the 80s but was Doug E Fresh not asked to come or will that be the weekend after?

    I was just telling some friends that we will be hearing about mid to low level “urban” entertainment coming here for the next few weeks. It warms my heart to know I was on to something.

    This is funny and slightly sad……who helps to choose the entertainment? Where is the entertainment that seems to more genuinely appeal to this crowd? I know that may chafe some but let’s be honest here Rev. Run LOL….but I’ll be there because AC and all things related are important to me. JUST SO YOU KNOW I will be wearing MY ADIDAS…..LOL