Bermuda Featured On BBC Travel Show

July 18, 2017

Bermuda was recently featured the BBC Travel Show, with the episode following host Ade Adepitan as he explored the island.

The show takes a look at Bermuda’s shipwrecks alongside locals including ‘Adventure Tour Guide’ Jamie Harvey, Crystal Schultz from the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Insititute, Head of Marine Heritage Dr. Philippe Rouja.

The episode focuses largely on the use of photogrammetry by a team of scientists hoping to document Bermuda’s wrecks in 3D.

The footage follows Dr. Rouja as he explores the ‘Montana,’ which sunk in 1783. The 70-meter vessel “was used to run supplies to the Confederates during the American civil war and was one of the first ships to be digitally recreated using this cutting-edge technology.”

“The team has been working with the University of California to record thousands of images and build a 3D digital replica of the vessel. It means that it will be preserved for generations.”

Dr. Rouja says, “I have never really seen this shipwreck from end to end. You can see how big and long it is. So in one snorkel, you can’t visually take it all in.

“But the minute that it’s laid out in that 3D fashion, using photogrammetry, suddenly you can see it from the stern all the way to the bow and you just take in the full extent of the ship and it literally brings it back to life.”

Host Ade Adepitan concludes the segment by saying, “Diving is a luxury that is out of reach for many people. So, the plan is now to map at least 100 of the shipwrecks, meaning that anyone from anywhere in the world will be able to take a digital dive and experience centuries of maritime history.”

The next showings of the episode on Cablevision are scheduled for Wednesday, July 19 at 5.00pm and 11.30pm and Monday, July 24 at 11.30pm.

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  1. just wondering says:

    some great stuff by Phillippe – we have some of the best reefs and diving in the world – why isn’t this being marketed more heavily???