Photos & Results: Beach Volleyball Tournament

July 31, 2017

The Spike-Fest Beach Volleyball tournament finishes this past Saturday [July 29], sponsored by Dark N Stormy / Goslings.

This event also served as a national beach team qualifying event for a NORCECA Beach Tour event in Grenada in October 2018.

Women’s 4s

  • 1st Eat, Play, Love [Abigael Aquila, Ivy Manio, Fhe Nery, Ana Leza Perez]
  • 2nd Gotchewyu Covered [Denise Somerville, Alana Rathbun-Swiss, Amy Chan, Meagan McPeek]
  • 3rd Smurfs [Carole Collard, Isabel Brewer, Christine Gutteridge, Cara Veale]

Men’s 4s

  • 1st Kiss My Pass [David Lahuta, Bill Bucci, Mark Hamilton, Kevin Ronaldson]
  • 2nd Bridesmaids [Greg Bell, Richard Madeiros, Adam Birch, Alex Styche]
  • 3rd Round D World [Kyle Ferriera, Chris Lopes, Devin Mullen, Connor Ruberry]

Women’s 2s

  • 1st Giraffes [Christina Duff & Kathryn Dyck]
  • 2nd Hevs n’ Bevs [Elisabeth Rae & Heather Rourke]
  • 3rd Serve to Alli [Allison Settle-Smith & Allison Lacoursiere]

Men’s 2s

  • 1st Digs for days [Daniel Fiddick & Brian Amaro]
  • 2nd Big Bad Booty Daddies [Mike Gazzard & Mark Bell]
  • 3rd Sousa Bucci [Ian Bucci & Brandon Sousa]

M2 - 1st Digs for Days Bermuda July 2017

M2 - 2nd Big Bad Bootie Daddies Bermuda July 2017

M2 - 3rd Bucci Sousa Bermuda July 2017

M4 - 1st Kiss My Pass Bermuda July 2017

M4 - 2nd Bridesmaids Bermuda July 2017

M4 - 3rd Round d Wurld Bermuda July 2017

W2 - 1st The Giraffes Bermuda July 2017

W2 - 2nd Hevs'nBevs Bermuda July 2017

W2 - 3rd Serve to Alli Bermuda July 2017

W4 - 1st Eat Pray Love Bermuda July 2017

W4 - 2nd Gotchew Covered Bermuda July 2017

W4 - 3rd Smurfs Bermuda July 2017


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  1. Oh,I see now says:

    Where do they post the info for these events the only time I find out is on bernews heh heh…ijs