People Recovered After Jet Skis Break Down

August 16, 2017

On Saturday [Aug 12] four people were recovered from the water after two jet skis broke down east of Dockyard.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Bermuda Radio received a call from a member of the public reporting that they had received a call from a third party, reporting two jet skis broken down [one having possibly capsized] 1 mile east of Dockyard.

“Bermuda Radio attempted to call jet ski owner via cell phone to obtain a more accurate position, while Marine Police asset ‘Rescue One’ commenced a search of the area 1 mile east of Dockyard, supported by ‘Heron Two’.

“Bermuda Radio commenced a radio broadcast to all vessels in the vicinity of Dockyard, Spanish Point or North Shore having possibly sighted two purple jet skis reported in distress.

“Marine Police asset ‘Rescue One’ continued its search Eastward and located one jet ski adrift and a second ski with 4 persons in the water, 3 nm north of Tyne’s Bay. Rescue One and Heron Two recovered all persons from the water, taking both skis under tow back to Dockyard.”

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  1. Buster C says:

    So… How did this occur, how long were they in the water, they were spotted? Why no radio or sat phone?
    Lead vessel has an antenna????