Slideshow: BHS Eco-Runway Fashion Show

December 5, 2013

[Updated] Trash as fashion was the theme at The Bermuda High School’s third annual Eco-Runway show held at the school’s hall.

Ten teams each sent two looks down the runway; one avantgarde and one ready-to-wear. The catch? Each design had to be made of at least 50% recycled or found materials, with extra points being awarded for those designs which made the most use of non-traditional materials.

Host of the runway show, Jennifer Burland Adams, explains, “This event allows students the creativity to not just think outside the box, but take the box apart, paint and embellish it, and turn it into a modern garment.”

Mrs Burland Adams adds, “We, at BHS, believe that we must encourage our students to think about how to create a sustainable environment for ourselves and future generations by making responsible decisions.

“Eco-Runway is a way to think differently about our environmental impact along with creative and constructive ways of recycling.”

The slideshow below contains 95 photos from the fashion show:

eco RUNWAY 2013

Update 1.01pm: The overall winner was Victoria Clarke and her ‘Playful Fashions’ concept which included a wooden skirt, dollhouse, puzzle-piece top and shorts made from the popular Twister game.

The Avant Garde winner was Fashion Sense [Leslie Campbell and Kristen Claude], while the Ready-to-Wear winner was Eco-Chic: Revamped [Jade Blyden, Karissa Burrows and Keesha Miller].

A new category was added by judge Alexandra Mosher — who was joined by Tara Burgess and Lyn Winford — the Alexandra Mosher Award for Fabulous Accessories and Functional Details which was awarded to Re-Written [Courtney Browne, Charlotte Griffiths, Kristen Dill and Sophia Schwertl].

- Photos by Candice Dickinson

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  1. squids rule says:

    fantastic!! so well done.

  2. Linda Franks says:

    Alright Les! Congratulations and well done!