Police Boats Dispatched In Separate Incidents

August 8, 2017

Two marine incidents in Bermuda on Sunday [Aug 6], including the capsizing of an 8-foot punt and an injury suffered on board a sailboat, saw the Marine’s Police’s Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 deployed separately.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “On Sundaym 6th August at 2.05pm, a member of the public at Point Shares witnessed an 8-foot blue punt with four persons onboard swamped and capsized due to the large wake of a passing vessel.

“The four occupants were left in the water, scrambling to the nearby shore, and left the scene. The Marine Police attended in ‘Rescue 1′ and righted the vessel, bailed it out and towed it to Mills Creek to secure it to a nearby mooring.

“As RCC Bermuda has been unable to contact the owner due to stale registration details and contact information, this incident is ongoing until owners can be notified. This incident serves as a reminder to all vessel operators of the need for due care and attention when operating a vessel especially within 100 meters of the shore.

“On Sunday 6th August at 5.00pm, the sailboat Buoy Racer contacted Bermuda Radio to report that a female onboard had struck her head and was unconscious. The vessel was located in Mangrove Bay as part of the ‘Non-Mariners’ event.

“RCC Bermuda contacted Marine Police command vessel ‘Guardian’ who dispatched ‘Rescue Two’ to assist. The patient was taken onboard Rescue II and subsequently ashore for follow-up medical attention.”

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