Bermuda Sloop Collides With New Police Boat

October 7, 2015

After the police took delivery of their new 32’ Boston Whaler boat, the Bermuda Sloop collided with the police boat, resulting in the vessel suffering cosmetic damage to its fluorescent wrap on the starboard side.

BPS Heron 3 Bermuda October 2015

A police spokesperson said, “Last week Thursday [Oct 1st] the BPS took delivery of the new 32’ Boston Whaler Justice. Later that same day whilst the BPS boat was secured to its dock, the Bermuda Sloop entered Dockyard.

“The Captain of the Bermuda Sloop lost control of his vessel in the Dockyard camber in high winds and his boat collided with the BPS boat. There was no damage to the Bermuda Sloop.

“The BPS vessel suffered damage to its fluorescent wrap on the starboard side. No hull damage was suffered. The damage caused is cosmetic and we are currently weighing up options to rectify it.

“Also presently Police Week is in full swing with the Police Open Houses taking place at the respective police stations today from 10am until 3pm at Hamilton, Southside and Dockyard.

“Also tomorrow, we will host our Memorial Service at the Police Cemetery in Prospect at 11am and the Reserve Change of command Ceremony at 6pm at the Police Headquarters in Prospect.”

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  1. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Just bought the thing! DING INNA DE HULL…DAAAANG!!!! Can’t make this stuff up.

  2. Useless says:


  3. Terry says:

    What is the “Bermuda Sloop”

  4. well done says:

    i blame d evinrudes!!!!

  5. Whattsapnin says:

    The sloop is the Spirit of Bermuda. That thing is heavy, so it could have been so much worse. Doo Doo happens.

    • C says:

      It was really windy that afternoon. Accidents do happen.

  6. pc says:

    the whaler got whaled

  7. ron,b says:


  8. Jp says:

    Some training ship. Good luck students. Lol

    • C says:

      That comment is a little unfair as a parent of someone on board I can assure you that it was an accident. Conditions were tough.

    • Bermy says:

      I am sure your an expert mariner and accidents during inclement weather could never happen to you. Another armchair key tapping “expert”

  9. Bermyman says:

    Given the 88 ton 112 ft single engine vessel lost use of it’s already very inadequate bow thruster during the docking maneuver. The Police Vessel is parked very close to the Spirit of Bermuda’s Berth, so in high winds, you can imagine their surprise when a the Police boat that is not normally there is a couple yards away from where they normally perform their docking maneuver, no surprise it got grazed!

  10. whaaat says:

    hilarious ! doesnt the popo boat know that sailboats have right of way? im sure they were in the way of spirit of bermuda

    • Logic76 says:

      For starters the Spirit of Bermuda would have been using her motor during docking. “Right of way” of sail-vessels does not apply to the situation. In fact “right of way” doesn’t really apply when one of the aforementioned vessels is berthed and unmanned…

  11. Yamon says:

    The boat is heavy and from experience as a guest on the Sloop twice the ship is very heavy and hard to manouver. The crew are great.

  12. Eve says:

    Why wasn’t the Spirit being assisted by a tug if conditions were so bad??

    • Terry says:

      Valid point.
      But under those conditions a tug would not have been helpful due to it’s size and ability to mannouver in such tight quarters.

      A smaller vessel would have worked with a good crew.

  13. JONO says:

    The Marine police won’t have to worry about getting seasick for a few days.

  14. In Babylon says:


  15. Too funny and then it’s fo4. Real