Response To National Fuels Policy Discussion

August 30, 2017

The Department of Energy said they “would like to thank the public once again for taking the time to submit comments on the Draft National Fuels Policy Discussion Paper.”

The Department said they have “completed their review of all the comments and summarized them, along with the Department’s responses, in the National Fuels Policy [NFP] Discussion Paper – Public Responses document which can be found on the Government portal.”

The National Fuels Policy Discussion Paper responses is below [PDF here]

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  1. wondering says:

    The government cannot and will not allow for a renewable energy source as it will essentially mean that there will be less revenue generated from taxation on the LNG or any other fossil fuel.

    • George says:

      That’s why there are other Government Taxes being considered such as a services tax on all services. So you and I are going to pay one way or the other!

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Yes, for your convenience 17.5% gratuities will be added to your restaurant bill and for the good of us all another 10% GST (or VAT) will be added to your restaurant bill.

  2. Waddoc says:

    Just can’t find good help anymore…

  3. David R says:

    Section 1.10 Fuel Procurement Contracts

    Regulatory response: Commercial contracts may not be competitive because commercial consumers may be loyal to one fuel provider.

    Are you actually serious. Is it your intention to require commercial customers to seek pricing from a fuel provider they do not wish to do business with? The last time I checked Bermuda was not run by a dictator nor are we socialist.