Bermuda Soldiers Prepare For Hurricane Maria

September 21, 2017

Bermuda soldiers on a helping mission to hurricane-devastated Turks & Caicos are tonight bracing themselves for a second storm.

Hurricane Maria — which is currently a Category 3 — is expected to impact Grand Turk early tomorrow [Sept 22] – and Bermuda soldiers raced against time to prepare themselves and the local population for a second wave of damage from a hurricane.

Major Corey Smalley, the RBR commander on the ground, said: “Our morale is really high – this is what our soldiers are trained for, what they’re experts in.

“This is the core role of the Regiment, so they can use that expertise and pass it on on Grand Turk.”

He added: “Predictions for the storm vary, but we’re preparing for the very worst and hoping for the best.”

Major Smalley was speaking as his troops left their base at Grand Turk’s airport and split up into three immediate response teams stationed at the three civilian shelters on the island, one in an old community college and two in schools.

Major Smalley said: “They have been clearing debris and making sure they are all a safe environment for people to hunker down in.

“They have also been providing reassurance and pre-positioning specialised equipment.

“Once the all clear is given, they’ll carry out a rapid needs assessment, providing life-saving first aid if needed and clear roads from each of the emergency centres to the main roads and key buildings like the hospital, the airport, fire station and the ambulance station.”

Major Smalley is based at Grand Turk’s House of Assembly in the Premier’s office, now the nerve centre for relief operations, while Sergeant Major Peter Ramm is stationed at the airport with a view to getting it back up and running as soon as possible after Maria passes.

Maria is expected to hit Grand Turk early tomorrow, with winds of between 120-130mph.

Major Smalley said that – despite the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma earlier this month – the local population were bearing up well.

He added: “Their mood is one of a little bit of nervousness because after Irma there were only three buildings with electricity on the island, so they haven’t had the luxury of wi-fi or TV, although people do have radios.”

Major Smalley said that pulling out of the aid effort before Maria struck had never been considered.

He added: “It’s always been the intention, as soon as we heard about Maria, to stay here so we’re in the right place at the right time to provide all the help we can.”

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  1. Impressed says:

    Well done to the regiment helping our neighbors in the south. Be safe with Hurricane Maria.

  2. Real Deal says:

    W0a that’s crazy, they going to be in another country waiting for a hurricane to hit?

    They don’t build their buildings like ours I don’t know if I could. its like chilling at 2nd little pig’s crib when you could be with the 3rd little pig.

    Well wish you guys well