Dockyard Recycling Programme A Success

October 2, 2017

A pilot recycling programme at Dockyard could become permanent after proving to be a success, WEDCO said today.

Until recently it was difficult to recycle products because of the cost of taking waste to the recycle depot from Dockyard which made it uneconomical.

The capital costs of purchasing the blue TAG bins, the cost of emptying them and then sorting them all added up to making a recycle programme an enormously costly exercise.

Don Baisdon of ES Enterprise

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In order to get over the issue, the West End Development Corporation [WEDCO] started a collaboration with the Department of Public Works to set up a six-month pilot programme, which helped to share the expense.

Joanna Cranfield, WEDCO’s Business Development Manager, said: “We had been trying to start a recycling programme in Dockyard for many years without success due to the expense involved with removing the recycled items to the depot.

“We finally agreed that with the assistance of Public Works we could share some of the expense.

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“The AC35 was also instrumental in making this happen as they had a strict recycle programme and we were able to piggy back off them as well as being able to use some of the recycle equipment that was already in place after the event.

“We have thousands of people using Dockyard every day during peak periods and our motivation was simply to reduce the volume of general waste and, also, because it is the right thing to do.”

WEDCO has placed blue TAG bins next to black general waste bins with all the correct internationally recognized recycle signage in the hope that people will separate their trash.

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The trash contractor then collects the separated trash and delivers it to the relevant dumpsters in the Sallyport waste area. The Department of Public Works provided the recycle dumpsters and compactor and removes the recycle trash as necessary.

Ms Cranfield added: “The programme started in May and is due to run for six months. It has been very successful and we will talk to the Department about how we can ensure it continues on a permanent basis.”

Don Baisdon, of ES Enterprise who is contracted to deal with all WEDCO trash, said since the start of the pilot programme about ten tonnes of recycled materials have been collected from Dockyard.

He added: “This initiative is very important and I can see it growing and becoming the norm for everyone.”

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  1. Hope says:

    Great news!! Now let’s ban plastic bags from stores in Dockyard as a pilot scheme, or start charging a fee and using that to cover future initiatives.

  2. JohnBoy says:

    Good story but you’re getting a little too friendly with that trash bin brah. She don’t know you like that yet mate.

  3. Tee says:

    Great news, well done Don and Wedco!