GREAT4Learning & BHS Launch Partnership

October 27, 2017

GREAT4LEARNING recently announced a partnership with The Bermuda High School to address the need for innovative learning on the island.

A spokesperson for GREAT4LEARNING told Bernews: “I notice that my grandchildren nieces and nephews are being taught the same curriculum, the same way I was taught in the same infrastructure and this is over 40 years ago.”

In response to this GREAT4LEARNING and BHS are pooling their resources, infrastructure and expertise “to provide Bermuda’s children with some very exciting, relevant and important learning opportunities.”

GREAT4LEARNING added: “One of the main issues that we as educators and Bermudians, in general, must tackle is the division that exists between public and private schools. Because no matter what whether they attend private or public school they are all our children, Bermudian children.

“Since the first STEM Robotics Maker Academy that Great4Learning did some three years ago, I have noticed a tangible difference between public and private school children who attended the event. A tour of public and primary schools and meeting with public school teachers revealed to me that the gap is staggering and that is unacceptable. I decided that I wanted to do something about it.”

The team has thus planned a number of events to address some of the short-term problems they have noticed in Bermuda’s education system. However, they are also working on a number of long-term solutions “to help bridge the gap between both private and public schools.”

They recently held a week-long event introducing 30 children from both the public and private school sectors to robotics, coding, engineering, and science. During this week they also trained three young Bermudians to lead STEM learning.

Other upcoming events include a national coding competition to be held in December, where they will give away laptops and robots to the winners and a “STEM In The Class” training for private and primary school teachers at BHS “with an emphasis on inquiry-based learning.”

For more information on GREAT4LEARNING visit their website here.

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