Video: Paul Telford Named New BTA Chairman

October 12, 2017

Minister of Tourism and Economic Development Jamahl Simmons today [Oct 12] named Bermudian hotelier Paul Telford as chairman of the Bermuda Tourism Authority Board of Directors as the founding Chairman David Dodwell retired from the role and from the Board.

Mr Dodwell led the creation of the Bermuda Tourism Authority since January 2013, becoming Chairman of the Board when the late Shawn Crockwell, former Minister of Tourism, appointed him.

BTA CEO Kevin Dallas, New Chairman Paul Telford & Minister Jamahl Simmons

Telford New Board Chairman Bermuda Oct 12 2017

Paul Telford, 43, currently managing director at Rosewood Tucker’s Point, has sat as a Director on the Bermuda Tourism Authority Board since 2014.

He began his hotel career at the Elbow Beach Hotel as a bus boy and eventually went on to work in the U.S. and Mexico, including for the prestigious Four Seasons brand, before returning home to Bermuda in 2008.

He ascends to Chairman at a time when the hotel he manages is recently under new ownership and making major investments in the property.

At a press conference today Minister Simmons said: “Truly Paul’s journey is something that all Bermudians can see as tangible evidence that the tourism industry is not just a job, but a career. With a good work ethic and dedication to your trade there is no limit to your dreams.”

Mr Telford said: “I am excited to accept this appointment at a time of great opportunity and optimism for tourism in Bermuda. I look forward to leading the Bermuda Tourism Authority through the next chapter of its existence and working with Minister Simmons and the Government on our shared priorities.”

“David Dodwell’s four-year term ended in December 2016, but he agreed to stay on through the 35th America’s Cup given the importance of continuity through that milestone tourism event. During his almost five years of service, Mr Dodwell oversaw the execution of many key achievements in tourism,” the BTA said.

“I’d like to thank the former Chairman David Dodwell for his service and leadership over the past five years,” Minister Simmons said.

“He helped build the structure of the BTA from the ground up, provided guidance and assistance in securing the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s accreditation as an official destination marketing organisation and steered the BTA through a seamless chief executive changeover.”

Mr Dodwell said, “I am proud of the founding Board of the Bermuda Tourism Authority and its hard working staff.

“We achieved a tremendous amount with the members of the community, without whose support, the success we have seen would not have been possible. I am confident that Paul Telford is the right leader to take the board and the organisation forward.”

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  1. Double S says:

    Well done Paul and well deserved.

    • Onion Juice says:

      Nice, would be good to see him move up to CEO, so de wealth could be shared.

      • wahoo says:

        He started as a bus boy and has arrived here now, he looks young so has much more ahead of him and it sounds as if he understands the concept of work and ethics so his patience will be rewarded more and more. While you are stuck on stoopid everyone around you is getting on with life.

      • Claire says:

        He’s now the BOSS OF THE CEO.

  2. ConcernedBermudian says:

    Congratulations Paul on your appointment. Paul you said Rosewood is one of the top hotels on the island yet they went into receivership. Hopefully your hotel is on the way up. I wish you luck with both the BTA role and your hotel but please do not build any more condos/houses on the Rosewood property, its already a concrete jungle down there, they really have ruined the pristine land that once was, please don’t continue on this path.

    • Clint Eastwood says:

      I think most would agree that Tuckers Point is actually a beautiful resort.

      • ConcernedBermudian says:

        Your joking right? It’s very nice place, I agree, but I wouldn’t call it a resort, it’s a fractional-ownership/condo-development with a few dozen rooms on the side. Do you know how many hotel rooms vs condos/fractions there are, its laughable, and they are going to build more on the beautiful pristine land.

  3. Jus' Askin' says:


  4. mixitup says:

    Proud of you Paul..

  5. Dangel says:

    Congratulations Paul on this new appointment!! I also extend congratulations to your Mom and I know your Dad would be extremely proud of your achievements thus far. Continue to do what you do best!!

    A proud T S Venture Sea Cadet Mom

  6. Toodle-oo says:

    Congratulations Paul .
    The climb up the hospitality services ladder doesn’t happen quickly and you have to start young .

    Hopefully other young Bermudians are watching you .

  7. wahoo says:

    Perfect example of climbing the ladder. Well done sir and all the best.

  8. O.M.G says:

    Well done Mr. Telford but why is Mr. Simon announcing him and not Mr. Dallas he is not in charge of the BTA. Please leave the BTA Alone they have done a fantastic job better then any government tourist Dept for a long time.

  9. wondering says:

    Paul, I am glad for you

    MP Simmons, hope you don’t meddle with a good thing and mess it up

    • No Longer A Memeber says:

      Don’t be surprised, it is only aa matter of time before the true colors come to the front. I was part of it, hate, hate and some more hate.

    • No Longer A Memeber says:

      Please don’t allow the PLP make a mess of a good thing!

  10. Bermudian Patriot says:

    Fantastic, Mr Telford, great choice Minister. Mr Chairman I hope that you will have full autonomy, exactly like Mr Dodwell. Any Ministerial or Cabinet interference will kill off this initiative. If this happens, and you have unimpeded progress, the future of the BTA looks bright, indeed.

  11. No Longer A Memeber says:

    Well done Paul, we go back a long way! there is only good in your heart and a great work effort! Your love and passion will be of great benefit. Be yourself and don’t let politics change you!!!

  12. Cookie says:

    Congratulations Paul. You’re the right man for this post. Well done!!!

  13. Aware says:

    Congratulations Paul and an excellent choice Minister. Please continue the great work done to date at BTA. We are finally on the right path.