Video: BTA On Miami To Charlotte Flight Change

February 24, 2021

Following the news that American Airlines will move their direct flight to Bermuda from Miami to Charlotte, the BTA said that this is “good news for leisure travellers” as “it’s all about connectivity,” and “Charlotte offers better US domestic connections.”

The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] said, “The AA direct service shift from Miami to Charlotte is good news for leisure travellers. It’s all about connectivity. Charlotte offers better US domestic connections. Miami offers better international connections. And since 3/4′s of our visitors come from the US, this could be a win for tourism. Interim CEO Glenn Jones explains the temporary air service changes which begin April 2.”

The BTA posted the video above on Twitter and speaking in the video, BTA Interim CEO Glenn Jones said, “We actually think it’s a better situation from a leisure standpoint for a couple of reasons, and I just want to walk you through what those are.

“The first is about connectivity. Out of Charlotte, domestic connections are much easier for travelers versus Miami. Whereas in Miami, international connections are much easier for travelers. So for us, looking for leisure travelers in the United States, Charlotte presents a greater opportunity for us than Miami did, so about that, we’re pleased.

“These are the top 20 cities that connect through Charlotte, with connection times between 50 minutes and three hours. We’ve ranked them here based on the popularity for travel to Bermuda. The reason that New York JFK is at the top is because we get more leisure travelers from New York than any other place, but of course, there’s an asterisk beside it because we already have direct air service from that market.

“But things get a little more interesting when you look at some of the others, like Toronto, Miami, Philadelphia, and Newark, and Washington. Those are places we usually get travelers from, and they won’t have direct service in April, but those travelers can get to us if they’re willing to connect through Charlotte.

“So we think that this is a good opportunity for us, for this reason as well. When we look at 2019 data, you can see how the breakdown of travelers are if they’re coming from Miami versus if they’re coming from Charlotte.

“For Charlotte, in leisure visitors, 65% of that flight was filled with people who are going to be in a hotel room or in a vacation rental. That’s exactly the kind of action that we want to create in the recovery.

“It’s for this reason, the data, that we think the Charlotte direct flight in the current environment is better for tourism than the Miami flight is. But make no mistake, we’d like to have them both, but if this is an either/or situation, Charlotte is the winner when it comes to leisure travel.”

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  1. Dark Star says:

    How about Bermudian travelers??? That Miami flight always had people on it ALWAYS! If anyone wants or needs to get the Caribbean we now have to do a layover on the way there and on the way back in either Miami or Charlotte adding time and cost to the Bermudian traveler!!!

    How about Jetblue start a Bermuda>Ft Lauderdale flight