New Experience To Open At Clearwater Beach

December 16, 2017

Beach Boys Tours & Experiences are set to launch a new beach experience at Clearwater Beach next summer.

According to Beach Boy director Belcario Thomas, the ‘Bermuda Triangle Beach’ [BTB] experience, hopes to help residents “enjoy the East End as a destination.”


They specifically plan to do this via a five-stop bus tour between Hunter’s Wharf and Clearwater Beach with stops at the Unfinished Church, Tobacco Bay, Fort St. Catherine, Sea Glass Beach and Carter House.

A Clearwater Beach, visitors will be able to play volleyball, rent snorkels and paddleboards, participate in a walking tour of Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, unwind with a massage, enjoy a cocktail at the beach and more.

There will also be bathroom facilities, complimentary wifi, and a gift shop.

The destination management organization The Beach Boys responsible for this experience also currently operates Tobacco Bay.

The Bermuda Triangle Beach experience will operate from April to November next year.

For more information contact or 737-2355.

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  1. sage says:

    I thought they said they won’t be competing with Gombeys’ since they won’t be selling food or liquor, will the cocktail mentioned above be sourced from Gombeys’, who already rent snorkeling equipment, pedal boats, paddle boards, noodlles etc, etc? Are they building new bathrooms too or using the one already there?

  2. Holy Moly says:

    Also, I recall reading about a recognition of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ planned for the Clearwater beach area. Does anyone know whether this is this still on the cards?

  3. I heart 441 says:

    If this will be an all day excursion, I rate it as one of the best on the island. Feasible rate should be about $75 per person. Taking into consideration of cost for Van, fuel, free wifi, up keep of bathroom facilities and a tour operator.