MP Jeff Baron Taking Road Trip For Charity

December 29, 2017

MP Jeff Baron is taking a road trip on a motorcycle in the United States in order to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters Bermuda, with the excursion taking him across Texas, Arizona, and California for a total of more than 1,350 miles.

A GoFundMe page linked to the effort said, “Help me raise $5,000 for Big Brothers and Big Sisters Bermuda! It’s just me, a Harley and the road.

“A penny a mile? A dollar a mile? You decide. Any amount will help kids here in Bermuda find mentors and life-long friends. Thank you all!”

The trip got underway yesterday [Dec 28], with Mr. Baron traveling from Dallas, Texas to Fort Hancock; he’ll continue on to Phoenix today [Dec 29], with the final leg of the road trip taking him to San Diego tomorrow [Dec 30].

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Three days for Dallas to San Diego on a motorcycle! That is ambitious. About 1500 miles. 500 miles per day. 10 hours a day travel. Hope it is not a mind numbing Harley. Miles & miles of nothing much but semi arrid dessert & dessert with nothing to block the wind. He won’t forget the trip, that is for sure.

    • PreQual says:

      500 miles a day is nothing. You need to travel a little more. I used to do that in work 3 times a week in the UK for 5 years.

      No matter though, good luck Mr Baron, a very worthwhile cause.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        You did, did you? Edinburgh to London is not much over 400 miles. That would be quite the commute. And yes I have travelled a bit. At least 6 times coast to coast of the US plus a few times to Alaska from the East Coast, also by road.

        For those not familiar with distances in the west, 500 miles is Toronto to Baltimore. A very long day on the road.

        • PreQual says:

          It wasn’t a commute. Based in the Midlands, visiting construction sites all over the UK. Barnsley, Scunthorpe, Devizes, Basingstoke, Hereford etc. Brutal, but well paid.

    • Micro says:

      Depends what roads and speed limits and what you manage to average. Having gone coast to coast, 500 miles is nothing.

  2. hhhmmm…. oh really!!!

  3. Rocky5 says:

    Thanks Mr. Baron. Hopefully you raise way more than $5k for this worthy charity.

  4. Pah says:

    Joyride. If he ran it maybe it’s would be worth considering. A Motorcycle ride isn’t.

    • Pah says:

      Glad he’s thinking of service, but do something that challenges your mind, body, or spirit or all 3. Perhaps take a kid from the BBBS on that Joyride as an alternative.

      Keep trying Jeff. Your efforts will serve you well.

  5. thumper says:

    Lern how to pick it up before you ride it.

  6. hhmm…same person who blatantly refused to accept responsibility for his negative actions in “THE PEPPER SPRAY” horror.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Betty , you can not re-write history so please spare us the fake news along with your fake anger.

  7. Roma says:

    I don’t understand why so many claim he’s a lazy spotlight-seeking narcissist.

  8. say what says:

    that’s his vacation-lol