GoFundMe For Darren Whitehead Launched

June 22, 2024 | 1 Comment

A GoFundMe campaign aiming to raise $100,000 to assist Darren Whitehead with his medical expenses has been launched.

The GoFundMe page says, “Hey family and friends, I hope you are all doing well. I together with my family are appealing for your kindness and generosity, on behalf of my Dad, Darren “Dread”Whitehead. You see, nine years ago, he unexpectedly, suffered a cardiac arrest which resulted in the implantation of a defibrillator.

Darren Whitehead GoFundMe Bermuda June 2024

“A defibrillator is a device that applies an electric charge or current to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat. If one’s heart rhythm stops due to “cardiac arrest”, also known as sudden cardiac arrest [SCA], a defibrillator may help it to start beating again.

‘Recently, he experienced another episode and is currently in the hospital. The doctors have explained the approx. life span left to his device is less than 30 days to get the much needed medical attention. Beyond this timeframe, his already weak and damaged heart will unfortunately be on its own. He is in urgent need to travel overseas to remove and replace with a “new” device as this surgery is not readily available in Bermuda.

‘Unfortunately, despite exploring all avenues, I along with my siblings are having difficulty in covering the necessary costs totaling $100,000. We along with our Hendrickson and Whitehead families are doing all that we possibly can to assist with this plight but Im afraid that they too, in some cases, are already in financial strain. So I appeal to you on behalf of my dad and family as we are in need of urgent financial assistance. No donation is too small any and all assistance is appreciated as this will help my dad with the much needed “critical” and “life saving” surgery.

“We thank you in advance for your generosity, Love and continued prayers as we push forward. Thank you so much for your time and assistance. I truly appreciate any help you can provide. Peace and love, Love you all! Lovingly submitted by Trinity Basden and family but most of all my Dad fondly known to most as ‘Whitehead.’”

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  1. Come on Bermuda 10,000 people pledge 10 each goal is met.

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