BLTF Provide $10,000 For Atlantic Lionshare

January 30, 2018

The Bermuda Lionfish Taskforce [BLTF] has recently awarded Atlantic Lionshare Ltd $10,000 as part of their mission to control the invasive lionfish population in Bermuda by supporting research, education, outreach, awareness, detection and removal efforts.

“The BLTF has been closely following the activities of Atlantic Lionshare Ltd, a local Bermudian company dedicated to creating a viable, globally applicable solution for the capture and control of invasive lionfish,” the organisation said.

“Atlantic Lionshare Ltd has been developing an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle [ROV] that will harvest lionfish on an industrial scale, thereby mitigating the damage being inflicted on Bermuda’s reefs and other species, and providing local stores and restaurants with a reliable supply of lionfish for local consumption.”

Paul Van Pelt, Co-Chair of the BLTF believes that Atlantic Lionshare Ltd is on a good path and making steady progress toward a very important outcome: industrial scale removal of lionfish from Bermuda’s reefs.

“Supporting Atlantic Lionshare Ltd with this donation fits squarely into the mission of the Bermuda Lionfish Task Force. Larger scale removal of lionfish from Bermuda’s reefs will help to protect the delicate reef ecology, including the abundance of a variety of juvenile fish,” BLTF said.

“The engineering challenges for this ROV are significant. It is outstanding to see a Bermuda company tackle these challenges and move ever closer to the final goal. The vision is for Atlantic Lionshare’s ROV to protect marine environments wherever invasive lionfish are causing damage.”

“Atlantic Lionshare Ltd is currently building the final prototype model of their lionfish harvesting ROV [The Reef Sweeper], which operates between 10 and 1,000 feet below sea level. Upon achieving satisfactory test results this coming summer, the company will then take this model into full production so that it is readily available across all regions that are affected by invasive lionfish.”

Gavin Hunter of Atlantic Lionshare Ltd commented that, “We are absolutely delighted to receive this significant donation to our mission. BLTF has always promoted local activities such as lionfish derbies and awareness programs, and we feel privileged to be a part of this community. We will be doing our final testing in April or May of this year and look forward to reporting our progress to all concerned.”

For further information on Atlantic Lionshare Ltd activities, including investment and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Gavin Hunter at or on 747 4449.

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  1. sage says:

    Wondering if the robot has caught lionfish in the wild yet, and how many per hour/day?