Court: Man On Trial For Cocaine Possession

January 18, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

A Bermuda man was charged with conspiracy, and with possession with intent to supply cocaine.

In January 2016, Customs officers inspected a ZipX package addressed to Travers R. Clarke.

A Customs Officer told the nine-woman, three-man jury that has the package went through the x-ray machine, she noticed something suspicious and flagged it for a closer inspection.

Inside the box was a yellow, manila envelope which contained two 16 ounce bottles labelled as vitamin C and five smaller vitamin bottles.

Queen’s Counsel Jerome Lynch questioned the Officer about the trail of custody of the package from the time it left the cargo plane until it reached her.

She said it was part of the container for ZipX, which was taken off the plane by a Menzies employee and delivered to the shipping company. Once there a ZipX employee opened the container and then put it on a conveyer belt which went to the Custom’s department.

The court heard from another Customs officer that after taking off the cap of both bottles, the sealed lid was lifted approximately one-quarter inch.

Emptying the contents of the two vitamin C bottles revealed each contained eight bags of a white powdery substance, and also loose white powder.

The officer said that three of the bags were tested and were found positive for cocaine.

The third witness for the prosecution was a Bermuda Police Services forensics officer who took photos of the package and bags at Prospect. She reported one of the bags weighed 29.8 grams while two others weighed 5.04 grams and 25.32 grams.

The trial continues.

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