Court: Magistrates To Hear Counterfeit Trial

February 2, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

A man facing a counterfeit money charge had his trial moved from Supreme Court to Magistrates Court.

Jahni Holder is facing charges of having custody or control of counterfeit currency.

He is facing similar charges in another case, which is being tried in Magistrates Court and requested from Puisne Judge Charles Etta-Simmons to have this case tried there as well.

She said, “It does appear to the Supreme Court it is more suitable for these two cases to be tried summarily, that is in Magistrates Court.”

The Judge wanted to make him aware that if he did have it tried there, it still might end back in Supreme Court for sentencing if the Magistrate warrants it.

Mr Holder acknowledged that fact and said he still wants to face trial in the lower court.

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