Girlcott Available In All Public School Libraries

February 16, 2018

The book Girlcott, which offers a take on the Theatre Boycott in Bermuda, is now available in all public school libraries.

A spokesperson said, “There is a poster at the Ministry of Education office showing a student from Southampton Glebe School, now Dalton E. Tucker Primary school, reading a book. The picture says ‘I learn so much every time I open a book.’

“Students in the public school system will now be able to learn so much about the Theatre Boycott from the book Girlcott as copies of the book have been purchased for inclusion in all public school libraries.

“Today, Wednesday, 14th February 2018, Mrs. Florenz Maxwell, author of Girlcott, delivered her ‘babies’ as she lovingly calls her recently published books, to the Ministry of Education’s Director of Academics, Dr. Llewellyn Simmons.

“Mrs. Maxwell chose to personally deliver Girlcott to the Ministry of Education once she was aware of that the Ministry had purchased copies of her book from Bookmart at Brown & Co.

Mrs. Maxwell and Dr. L. Simmons:

GIRLCOTT Bermuda Feb 14 2018

“Girlcott, which received 2nd prize in the Code’s Burt Award for Caribbean Literature in 2016, is a fictional story about a true event in Bermuda’s history – the Theatre boycott of 1959. The story features 15 year old Desma Johnson, who like many 15 year olds in Bermuda is excitedly planning for the time when she will get her mobylette which she will happen when she turns 16 in 8 days’ time.

“But another event in the community take the focus away from this momentous occasion for her – her 16th birthday party – the secretly planned Theatre Boycott. At first angry that she will not be able to have her planned party at the theatre, Desma learns a great deal about the behind the scene politics of what is happening in Bermuda.

“The story is a truly Bermudian story, told by a Bermudian author about issues many young people today can identify with: preparing for college; waiting to get your bike; friendships and that important ‘sweet 16’ birthday party.

“Mrs. Maxwell said she was proud to be able to ‘write our own history’ a reference to the African proverb that states “until the lion learns how to write every story will glorify the hunter’..Dr. Simmons reminded her that she was a lioness who is sharing one of Bermuda’s important stories.

“Dr. Simmons indicated that copies of Girlcott would be placed in each of the school libraries in the public school system. He reminded Mrs. Maxwell that the Ministry of Education aims to ensure that all public school have copies of books published by Bermudian authors.

“These books then can be a resource for students as well as teachers. Girlcott will be an appropriate resource for both the social studies as well as the Language Arts curriculum,

“Mrs. Maxwell agreed that this resource would be useful as she indicated that she, along with other members of the Progressive Group, have often been invited to speak about the Group and the Theatre Boycott with student groups at all levels across the system – from primary schools to senior schools. Now the Group will be able to remind the students that they can use their own school library to learn more about the 1959 Theatre Boycott.

“Dr. Simmons indicated that he would work with the Social Studies Officer, Mrs. Nicole Grant, to arrange for Mrs. Maxwell to provide training with teachers to assist them in making the most effective use of the book as a resource for the Social Studies curriculum.

“Mrs. Maxwell, who was a teacher and former librarian has also developed a Teachers’ Guide to go with the book that can be given to teachers during the training.

“Mrs. Maxwell has been on the Board of Directors of the African Diaspora Heritage Trail for a number of years and we are immensely proud of her accomplishments.”

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