CURB: New ‘Black History In Bermuda Timeline’

November 22, 2022 | 1 Comment

Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda [CURB] announced the re-publication of its pioneering book, ‘Black History in Bermuda: Timeline Spanning 5 Centuries’.

A spokesperson said, “Having initially published 1,000 copies in October 2020, every single copy was purchased and the demand from Bermudians and Residents for this vital record has remained undiminished.

“‘The Timeline’ provides an unflinching and accurate account of the infrastructure of laws, customs, practices, and behaviors that were specifically designed to oppress and persecute Black Bermudians for over 250years. Crucially, it also celebrates those Bermudians of African descent who fought countless battles to overcome unyielding oppression, to work toward a more just Bermuda, to simply be treated as human beings, and to be allowed to raise families.

“CURB is indebted to Bermudians who committed to undertake the difficult research, and to compile and trace the history of Officialdom’s oppression of Black Bermudians.

“CURB is also grateful for the work of the former Commission for Unity and Racial Equality for their foresight in printing the first timeline in 2003: ‘Bermuda Timeline: Significant Events in the History of Bermuda’s Race Relations from the 17th Century to the Present’.

“As a living document, CURB continues to gather, compile, and incorporate new research into the Publication, sourced from both overseas research and contemporary Bermudian historians many of whom are cited in the Bibliography and the Acknowledgements.

“Accordingly, we ask the public to contact us if you notice an error or omission, or can provide research and citations for new material. Please notify CURB at so that changes and additions can be made in future publications.

“The Black History in Bermuda Timeline honours Black Bermuda’s Forefathers and Ancestors and is dedicated to their fight for freedom and racial justice.

“The Black History in Bermuda Timeline is now available in bookstores and pharmacies across the island and can also be purchased from CURB’s office. Please call 707-1496 or email”

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  1. Graham says:

    ‘Demand from Bermudians and residents…’ why does it matter who bought it?

    Ironic that an organization founded on gaining equality, always seeks to divide.

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