NOM Played ‘Significant Behind Scenes Role’

February 12, 2018

Brian-Brown-Headshot-2-300x294The U.S. based National Organization for Marriage [NOM] stated they played a “significant behind-the-scenes role” in what they termed the “tremendous victory in Bermuda,” saying that NOM President Brian Brown traveled here twice “to meet with activists from Preserve Marriage Bermuda to discuss potential strategies.”

Founded in 2007, NOM defines itself as a “nonprofit organization with a mission to protect marriage and the faith communities that sustain it.”

Their statement follows after the Governor gave assent to the Domestic Partnerships Act, which will replace same-sex marriages with a domestic partnership which can be entered into by both same-sex and heterosexual couples.

Bermuda is widely being reported as the first country to repeal same sex marriage, and the state of California experienced a similar situation in 2008, which NOM was reportedly instrumental in.

The New York Times reported, “The development in Bermuda recalled a comparable sequence of events in California in November 2008, when the State Constitution was amended to define marriage as between a man and a woman, ending five months of legalized same-sex marriage and reversing a ruling by the State Supreme Court in June of that year. That law, known as Proposition 8, was later overturned in the courts.

The Washington Post described NOM as being “instrumental in passing Proposition 8, the state constitutional amendment defining marriage as an institution only between a man and a woman,” while another report by Newsweek stated NOM was a “major force in voter initiatives that rolled back gay marriage in Maine and California, contributing $1.4 million and $1.8 million, respectively, to those campaigns.”

The NOM website states that Mr Brown has been their President since 2011 after having co-founded the organization in 2007.

“Brown led NOM’s work in California helping to qualify Proposition 8 to the ballot, and campaigned throughout the state in 2008 to successfully urge its adoption,” the website said. “He has represented NOM in successful ballot fights on marriage in Maine [2009] and North Carolina [2012], and was a key leader in the successful 2010 effort to unseat three Iowa Supreme Court justices who had redefined marriage.”

In an article on NOM’s website posted on Friday, Mr Brown said, “NOM played a significant behind-the-scenes role in the tremendous victory in Bermuda.

“Our team advised pro-marriage supporters there on strategies to preserve marriage and I travelled there twice to meet with activists from Preserve Marriage Bermuda to discuss potential strategies.

“In 2016, Bermuda conducted a national referendum to advise the Parliament on whether gay ‘marriage’ should be allowed, with 68% of voters resoundingly rejecting same-sex marriage.

“Despite the overwhelming voter rejection of redefining marriage, in 2017 the Bermuda Supreme Court imposed gay marriage on the nation. This proved to be a short-lived ruling as the Preserve Marriage Bermuda coalition rallied supporters to demand that marriage be restored. This past December, the Bermuda Parliament passed a law repealing same-sex ‘marriage.’

“This week the British Government of Theresa May announced that it would not block the repeal of same-sex marriage [Bermuda is a British territory] and Governor John Rankin promptly signed the repeal legislation into law. So much for the arc of history.

“NOM heartily congratulates the people of Bermuda and the leadership of Preserve Marriage Bermuda. Their efforts are a powerful proof point that the ‘inevitability’ of same-sex marriage is a lie and that the fight for marriage can be won, even when the judicial elite think they can impose their will on a country, as tragically occurred here in the U.S.”

“We’re in this fight for the long term,” Mr Brown added. “Whether it takes two years or two decades, we are determined to restore true marriage to our nation’s laws. What happened this week in Bermuda is extremely encouraging, and we hope it inspires you to redouble your support for our work.”

Mr Brown also serves as the President of World Congress of Families [WCF], and when he was named WCF President, the Southern Poverty Law Center said “moving to WCF is a logical trajectory for Brown, one of the best-known anti-LGBT activists in the United States.

“Over the past few years, he has gradually refocused his opposition to marriage equality to international work, especially after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality,” the SPLC stated.

The U.S Human Rights Campaign — who called for the Governor to “veto” Bermuda’s Bill and has been strongly critical of the legislation calling it “deplorable”– has said, “NOM is losing support and donors fast as more people stand up for civil rights and against discrimination. Maybe that’s why Brian Brown is travelling all over the world looking for countries more hostile to equality and more open to NOM’s outdated views.”

NOM, in turn, has criticized the above two groups, with an email from the organisation last year saying they were launching a “First Freedom Initiative which, among other things, will highlight the animus and dangerous tactics of groups like the Southern Poverty Law Center and the grossly-misnamed Human Rights Campaign.”

Preserve Marriage Bermuda has not confirmed or responded to request for comment on NOM’s statement, however on Friday they said they were “thankful for the decision to reverse the law on same-sex marriage,” and while they do “not condone any legal union which may provide legal footing for same-sex marriage” they “commend the Government on being the first and only government in the world to reverse the laws on same-sex marriage.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Bermuda is widely being reported as the first country to repeal same sex marriage”

    What a legacy for Bermuda!

  2. where is the outrage that says:

    a non-Bermudian group came to our beloved island and interfered with a societal situation.

    If a local ex-pat had stood up and made their views known–they would have swiftly been put in their place and told to remember they are a guest here.

    Have we no shame for our blatant hypocrisy.

    This is even more embaraasing than the hate spewed by PM.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      It would seem that we actually like the situation you claim we should abhor.
      And there already is a ‘local’ example to back it up .

      Namely ‘Genevieve’

  3. Curious says:

    Time to follow the money folks – how did this foreign funding get to Preserve Marriage cash, check or wire transfer and what Bermuda 501(c) 3 facilitated their funding support- Friends of the Bermuda Community Foundation or others?

    Time to publish the detailed accounts of our Bermuda based organisations who are willing to facilitate this type of foreign funding and strategy input on issues of our Diversity and Inclusion.

    Time to take stock that we got played and the collateral damage both internally and externally is our to own.

  4. Onion says:

    More behind the scenes ties between the PLP and American far-right wing.

  5. Mark says:

    Who knew? The american right wing and the plp are connected? Oh wait, everyone knows but much like in the usa right now, facts dont matter. Thanks to all those numpties who voted trump/plp!

  6. Longtail says:

    ” President Brian Brown traveled here twice “to meet with activists from Preserve Marriage Bermuda to discuss potential strategies.”

    Work permit?

    • Yesitsme says:

      Why, he only met with them. There was no paid work.

      • wahoo juice says:

        Well dis could be another Jet Gayte…I’m just sayin’.

    • wahoo says:

      Yes as if under a cloak of darkness he was brought to our island to work under cover and perhaps fund the PM group. It would be interesting to know what he put on his immigration card when he arrived as purpose of visit. Now he is so proud of the accomplishment he cannot help himself but to blurt out how important he feels. If what I am guessing is true he broke some laws but hey…. what laws?

      • De Mangrove Dwella says:

        Biy, what cloak of darkness you going on bout. De whole bleddy island is awash in light these days. Can’t barely make out stars in mi sky.

        Speaking of sky tho! Ya boi, Brian S(illy) Brown, came down pon de airplane and shru our ugly airport, guaranteed.

        How bout we lot settle on a name for dis here contraversery, Marriage Gate?

    • Anbu says:

      Anyone who comes here for the pee el pee dont need no work permit. A certain pastor comes to mind. Sheesh u can outright lie and still have your way if u fit a certain criteria.

  7. Quinton B. Butterfield says:

    NOM is not only anti-gay, it is also a racist organization. They had a strategy at one point to use Latinos and blacks as pawns in their overall anti-gay push in California. Apparently they did the same here. And Preserve Marriage fell for it hook, line and sinker. I guess the saying, the enemy of my enemy is my friend…..

  8. Sigh says:

    Meddling in foreign affairs, oh the irony.

  9. BobtheBuilder says:

    These comments are hilarious. Sounds like certain people groups lost their fight and now are trying to run smear campaigns. Plp and Trump together…lol. He doesn’t even like this $#!T hole country.
    And people can come to the island to discuss strategy. It never says he was played, and it never said the duration of time he stayed so stop searching for the needle in the haystack that doesn’t exist. Lmao

    • Mike Hind says:

      Says a guy who lost the fight..

      You DO get that that was why mr. Brown had to introduce that legislation, right? Cuz anti-equality lost.

      You get that, right?

      Remember that. YOU guys are the ones that had to cheat. Not us.

  10. erica martin says:

    So disgusting, backward and bigoted. I honestly believe the people who are so homophobic tend to be the ones living secret lives they’re ashamed of. What are they so afraid of? Very very sad for Bermuda. Everyone deserves equal rights. Love will win in the end.

  11. campervan says:

    The face of a bigot. He could be doing something useful like helping war refugees, but Oh No, he expends his energies and finances ramping up the bigotry and prejudice to deny human rights in another persons country.

  12. Rocky5 says:
    n the heels of a Donald Trump victory in November 2016, the National Organization for Marriage, which the Southern Poverty Law Center ( )identifies as a hate group against marriage equality, wants to undo the victories for LGBTQ Americans during the President Obama administration.

    The group’s president, Brian Brown, outlined his plan on November 11, 2016 to help Trump & the Republicans overturn Obergefell v. Hodges — the landmark Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage nationwide.

  13. Zevon says:

    So mysterious and unelected foriegn organizations are dramatically influencing official PLP policy. So much for ‘putting Bermudians first’.

  14. Mrs Brady says:

    Now that he’s lost the fight in his own country, he has to go to a backwards place to spew his hatred there. Another case of religion being used as an excuse to judge and discriminate.

  15. spider says:

    NOM is on a mission of hate and divisiveness under the guise of saving a relic of history which can barely sustain itself on its own merits. They should be welcoming anybody that wants to get married. The only thing they have accomplished is created a divide between married heterosexuals and in essence married homosexuals in name only, all else remains the same. So much for saving family values, the jury just voted there was no difference either way. Unfortunately the reckless behaviour of PM has damaged BDA’s reputation. Unquestionably.

  16. Rainbow Justice says:

    There is no doubt the PLP are in cahoots with DR. Melvyn Bassett of Preserve Marriage.
    They have crafted a sinister campaign to deny equality to the LGBT community. Religion & Government abusing the Human Rights of a minority. That is just disgraceful and repugnant.
    The use of race, religion and politics to further this attack on Equality is abominable.
    The “Progressive” Labor Party legislated “discrimination”.

    They lied about the numbers in the Referendum to the people of Bermuda and indeed the global press #FakeNews
    Out of 63,000 people in #Bermuda , 44,367 people were eligible to vote in the 2016 referendum on Same-Sex Marriage. Of those, 14,192 voted against gay marriage. That is ONLY 32% of the voting population.

    There is no doubt the PLP are in bed with Preserve Marriage – Look where there founders day is being held. Willowbank. And who is the Chair of Willowbank? Melvyn Bassett. What a twisted situation. It’s all religious crap.

  17. Rainbow Justice says:

    Every time a read the #FakeNews about 68% of the voters voted NO in the Referendum I cannot believe the PRESS just spews this # out again and again and again…..

    Only 32% of the Registered voters voted NO to same sex marriage, that is less than a third – less than 33%…

    Out of 63,000 people: 44,367 people were eligible to vote in the 2016 referendum on Same-Sex Marriage. Of those, 14,192 voted against gay marriage. That is ONLY 32% of the voting population.

    This statement is a LIE and #FakeNews:
    “In 2016, Bermuda conducted a national referendum to advise the Parliament on whether gay ‘marriage’ should be allowed, with 68% of voters resoundingly rejecting same-sex marriage.

  18. Rainbow Justice says:

    I wonder how the IRS would react knowing that this organization (NOM), that is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, has been conducting business overseas in an effort to influence political decisions in other countries.

  19. Rainbow Justice says:

    UPDATE – Internal memos obtained by the Human Rights Campaign reveal that Brown’s organization, the National Organization for Marriage, was actively attempting to – in its own words – “drive a wedge between gays and blacks” and “provoke the gay marriage base into responding by denouncing (black) spokesmen and women as bigots.” A 2008-2009 Board Update also revealed that one of NOM’s goals was “fanning the hostility” (p.12) between the LGBTQ community and the black community.