Preserve Marriage On Privy Council Ruling

March 15, 2022

“We congratulate the Bermuda Government on its successful Privy Council Appeal,” Preserve Marriage Bermuda Chairman Dr. Melvyn Bassett said.

Dr. Bassett, who is Chairman of the group who has long campaigned against same sex marriage, said, “Dear Preserve Marriage Board Members/ Pastors and Supporters, We wish to advise you that the Privy Council ruling has supported the appeal of the Bermuda Government, upholding marriage ‘as the union solely between a man and a woman.’

“You will recall that same sex marriage, was permitted in Bermuda on a decision by Justice Simmons in 2017, who ruled that the function of the Registrar’s Office….’as providing a service’…….

“Preserve Marriage Bermuda appealed Justice Simmons’ decision in the Supreme Court without success. However, with the support of a large percentage of the Bermudian population comprising of Christians and non-Christians, Preserve Marriage Bermuda forged ahead and challenged the government to appeal the same sex marriage decision. As an alternative Government proposed and legislated Domestic Partnership Act, as opposed to the redefinition of Marriage as being solely the union between a man and a woman.

“You will also recall that the Progressive Labor Party successfully won the Government shortly after a non-binding referendum held by the One Bermuda Alliance, which indicated that a significant number of the Bermudian population opposed same sex marriage.

“The Progressive Labor Party Government, in keeping with its campaign promise, appealed the Simmons’ same sex marriage decision to the Appeals Court. However, the appeal was unsuccessful.

“With an appreciation for the concerns of most Bermudian people, the Government appealed the decision of the Appeals Court to the Privy Council, and as we have been informed, the Privy Council has upheld the Bermuda Government’s Appeal!

“Supporters of Preserve Marriage Bermuda prayed, marched, demonstrated, appealed to the Courts of Bermuda and supported the Government’s Appeals.

“We congratulate the Bermuda Government on its successful Privy Council Appeal led by Mr. Jonathan Crow QC.

“As Chair of the Preserve Marriage Board, I take this opportunity to thank first of all Almighty God for the decision released  by the Privy Council. I want to also thank you and all those who supported and joined in our efforts, whether, through prayer, finances or just your presence at events.

“We thank our lawyer, Mr. Delroy Duncan QC and the members of the Preserve Marriage Bermuda Board who remained resolute – many times against fierce opposition. Lastly, but not least, we want to thank the Premier and his Cabinet along with Attorney General and her team for their part in the successful ruling.”

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  1. sandgrownan says:

    Hey Melvyn..what happened to the Sandys 360 money?