Top 20 Bermuda Youtube Channels In January

February 4, 2018

[Written by Don Burgess]

This week it was revealed that malicious YouTube ads were ‘cryptojacking’ people’s computers.

According to Ars Technica, the ads were using people’s “CPUs end electricity to generate digital currency on behalf of anonymous hackers.”

“YouTube was likely targeted because users are typically on the site for an extended period of time,” independent security researcher Troy Mursch told Ars. “This is a prime target for crypto jacking malware because the longer the users are mining for cryptocurrency, the more money is made.”

The crypto jacking targeted people through Google’s DoubleClick advertising service. The ads had a mining code called CoinHive that used as much as 80% of user’s CPU.

Locally, not much changed in Bermuda’s Top 20 YouTube channels with Collie Buddz, Bernews, Thirdstory, BIOS and Dr Cindy Trimm remaining firm in the top five spots.

If you know of any channels with Bermuda content which should be included, please email me at All Bermuda Triangle videos are excluded. All YouTube views were recorded on January 29, 2018.

1 Collie Buddz 27,985,868
2 Bernews 12,992,944
3 Thirdstory 10,963,111
4 BIOS 9,340,291
5 Dr. Cindy Trimm 5,263,968
6 BTA 3,477,018
7 Mishka 3,142,133
8 Burnt House Productions 2,855,552
9 dcfcrams4ever 1,543,466
10 Royal Gazette 1,388,200
11 Andrew Stevenson 1,207,573
12 Islandstats 939,180
13 Uzimon 752,423
14 Heather Nova 699,731
15 Hot Fiyah Sounds 668,201
16 Janson Cross 599,424
17 John Layfield 558,724
18 Yellow Pages 548,236
19 DJ Rusty G 485,605
20 Into Bermuda 384,772

Don Burgess is the Executive Officer for the Media Council of Bermuda and is the former deputy editor of the Bermuda Sun newspaper who has earned certifications in social media and inbound marketing through Hootsuite, HubSpot, Udemy and Lern University.

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  1. Ice King says:

    And thanks to Google’s crazy international rules, I believe Bermudians are not entitled to their earned money from views. I have a channel too with over 100,000 views but I cannot get paid for said reason. There is a chance I could be wrong, and let’s hope! It would be interesting to see input from other channel owners on whether they get paid or not. It is amazing to see other Bermudians with over a million views, good job!